Subway 'meatball' sub at centre of new VAT row


    Subway 'meatball' sub at centre of pointless thread row

    (Original post by Yoko Ono)
    Sounds pathetic, but what this really is is the government trying to tax takeaway food. Temperature is a good way to do this, because it means that groceries will still be exempt from the tax as they're usually not hot, whereas most food you buy from takeaways is sold hot over the counter. This obviously leads to stuff like this where the same product can be bought hot or cold and where the temperature of the food varies, but who cares? This is such a cheap shot; if you want to bash the government there are plenty of better reasons to do so than concentrating on this boring, overblown story.
    Hot takeaway food has always been taxed, it's nothing to do with this government. The whole 'pasty tax' issue arose because there was a grey area with regards to what constituted hot or cold takeaway food, and retailers were litigating to have the matter decided in individual cases. The government tried to simplify the system, and then everyone/the media moaned.

    What do we learn? The population want tax loopholes closed, until that adversely affects them when it suddenly becomes a pathetic governmental attack on a section of society.

    (Original post by Yoko Ono)
    I guess it could be London. Although, what are you buying? Staple foods like fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta, etc are all fairly cheap and you can make great meals out of them.
    I'm always stocked up on rice and pasta. Fruit and Veg I try and get from the market but although slightly cheaper from there doesn't last as long. Veg is really expensive in particular I find. One small broccoli can cost around 89p which may not seem expensive but you can buy 12 burgers for just 10p more!

    (Original post by Narcissist)
    I'm not sure you get great value for money when you buy a bag of chips. Potatoes are not a particularly expensive ingredient.
    That's a good point actually. I've never thought of it that way because chips have been around a quid for a long time. I still feel like I'm getting more for my money than an expensive sandwich however.

    A tax......... all over a long piece of sliced bread, meat balls thrown in with a tomato enriched sauced, with some bbq sauce and your classic veggies.

    The way these politicians line their pockets, is so unreal man.
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Updated: July 2, 2012
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