Opinion on Islamophobia??

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    Don't think it exists. If the same thing were happening to Jews, it would not be anti-Semitism.
    Yes I agree it is happening.
    It has gone too far, but the worse is yet to come.


    (Original post by Chlomc)
    When a terrorist attack happens there's no outrage from the Muslim society that Islam is being portrayed badly. There's no outrage for all the innocent lives lost. There's no outrage when the murderer uses Islam as an excuse.
    Yet when a teacher names a teddy bear after Islams prophet, then there is outrage.

    Excellent point.

    (Original post by floridadad55)
    The fact that someone in France does not want millions of muslims in his country does not necessarily make him a racist. Perhaps he simply wants to preserve the culture of his own country. You don't see South Korea, Japan, and China allowing a lot of immigration. They want to preserve their own ethnic identity. A citizen of France may not want to live in a country where Islamic law controls, and where women are covered from head to toe. He may well expect immigrants to his country to adopt French ways, not the other way around. It is condescending of you to label the people who vote for right wing parties as "racist". Their rise is a reaction to legitimate concerns. Now, would I vote for such parties? No. But after the rioting in France a couple years back, where cars where being torched all over the place, I can understand the sentiment.
    This is the same France that tried to colonise (Les Pieds Noirs) and make Algeria into an official part of its country :rolleyes:. Did they ask the Algerians if they wanted hundreds of thousands of Europeans in their country, holding all political power? Did they adopt Algerian ways? Did they want the Algerians to keep their own ethnic identity?

    I am aware that this sounds demigogic, but it is hypocritical for the French to complain about immigration and the supposed loss of their ethnic identity, when they have tried to do the same to other peoples, with considerably more brutality.
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    (Original post by Sir Fox)
    Antisemitism is automatically hating jews due to religious and/or ethnic reasons whilst Islamophobia refers to disliking a weird, illogical concept of belief, not automatically the believers themselves.
    definition from google dictionary:
    is·lam·o·pho·bi·a - Noun: Extreme or irrational fear of all Islamic persons.
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    (Original post by Medved)
    I think it's crazy the way people believe that being prejudiced against a religion is 'a rational fear' seriously ! in the 80's when Catholic terrorists were blowing up and killing people once a month in the UK was anyone 'Catholicophobic' hell no but we were worried about the crazy people with bombs .;

    i don't mind Muslims or Islam but i am scared of the crazy people with bombs and saying that every Muslim is a member of Al-Qaeda is just as crazy as saying every Catholic is a member of the IRA

    as for worrying about extremists trying to take over our country and put us under their draconian religious laws, there are Christian groups that want the same.

    there are crazy people everywhere, their religion is not the issue their actions are the issue.

    in the end Islamophiobia or whatever stupid name they decide to give it next will only play into the hands of the extremists on both sides
    hell yeah!!! preach it! (no pun intended) :P
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    (Original post by kopite493)
    a phobia is a irrational fear

    as some Muslims are trying to blow up the western world it is not irrational

    the hate of the religion is there-fore perfectly rational
    errr, how many muslims are these exactly?? probably not even HALF a percent. and believe me, it's not only muslims who have been frustrated and then decided to show their anger -what about all the american/uk groups?! IRA etc????

    (Original post by DaveSmith99)
    That analogy would work better if only one in every 1000000 or whatever sharks were dangerous.
    Not talking about terrorism, Islam as a religion endorses a number of views which are not only contrary to what our society should be embracing but which also pose a real threat to certain members of society. Muslims can believe what they want and act how they want within the confines of the law, no one should be able or is able to stop them practicing that freedom however there is no getting away from the fact that the belief system they follow is potentially very dangerous to our society.

    Christianity is exactly the same, having a fear of the Church of England obtaining more political power is not irrational, they promote certain things which to some are threatening.

    (Original post by RockingFreakshow)
    errr, how many muslims are these exactly?? probably not even HALF a percent. and believe me, it's not only muslims who have been frustrated and then decided to show their anger -what about all the american/uk groups?! IRA etc????
    the amount is in consequential it still makes it a legitimate fear
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