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Not going to Uni, where can I find a decent job??!! watch


    i wouldnt try the army, u have to be majorly fit and healthy, and with tehre stupid medical rules u have to not have a sniffle or anything.

    bloody army.

    (speaking from a bloke whos on a long term battle with army to get in over rhinitis issues)

    I think people exaggerate both sides of the coin:

    Firstly, you have the:

    "I have a red brick degree. Therefore, I deserve a £30,000 starting salary and will get promoted to being a manager within 3 years. By the time I'm 30, I'll be a millionaire.

    And then you have:

    "Oh, degrees are useless! Why get into debt when you can work your way up? Who is honestly going to use titrations while in an office?

    Here's a general rule of thumb:

    - A good degree will bump up your salary. For a trainee position in an office, for example, you are expected to start of approximately £10-11,000 per year with a small/medium sized firm. A trainee graduate will usually start on £16-17,000 at the very least with a medium/transnational company.

    - Being a manager is not as easy as it sounds. Qualifications become more and more irrelevant as experience increases. For managerial positions, you need excellent people skills, confidence, good references and the appropriate qualifications. It doesn't matter how smart you are - if you can't motivate others, be authoritative and stand up to people, management isn't for you.

    The advantages of a degree:

    - It bumps up your starting salary.

    - It opens more doors. There's no reason why you can't study physics and end up doing finance.

    - When looking for promotions, a good degree will give you an excellent headstart and first impressions are important.

    - You'll learn to manage yourself.

    - It's fun!


    - It's costly.

    - Many degrees are worthless (but you have yourself to blame if you end up with one).

    - It might not be for you.

    - You don't get any work experience, although internships are a great help.

    Advantages of working straight away:

    - You earn money and have no debt.

    - You're learning the working world.

    - There are schemes when you can study and work at the same time.


    - A lack of a degree tends to isolate you from big multinational companies.

    - Promotion tends to be difficult if you are competing with other graduates.

    Of course, if you start up your own company, then that's a completely different ball game. Although, the managerial skills I mentioned previously are extremely important when starting up your business.

    I hope that has opened your mind.
    Ofcourse alot of this means bugger all, if you do something like 'ILEX' which is done via home learning and is a hugely respected in the law world......though by the end of the 4 years, you are doing degree level law......so OK your sorta right:p:

    Have you thought about joining the army?


    But seriously, a "decent" job doesnt have to be with a big/well known firm! You can just get a job anywhere in admin, and work your way up/across. And there is admin in any firm, so it's useful for any field. Some people will come in with just GCSEs, maybe only a handful, so you're by no means bottom of the pile.

    So many appealing jobs ask for experience over a degree and if more and more people are going to uni, and having a degree becomes so common, you will be in an advantageous position in 3 or 4 years time when you have all this experience.

    Did you make any decisions op?

    We looked at the army angle a while back david17...go back to post 6 in this thread and keep reading.
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    Well i've just applied for an admin job in the foreign commonwealth office so fingers crosseddd
Are you going to a festival?
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