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Top Ten Horror Movies watch


    hmm not really a fan of horror films but i'll try and think of my favourite 10...in no order...

    Blair Witch Project
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
    The Birds
    Night of the Living Dead (original)
    28 days later
    The Wicker Man

    and also this film, ahh i can't remember what it was called! ..it was in black&white and the storyline was about these blonde evil kids that came to this town and could read peoples minds and make the towns folk do things with their minds....it was awesome, set in England too, if anyone knows this!?

    edit: and i recall The Simpsons doing a piss-take of it too

    (Original post by Creative02)
    psycho. is that a horror?

    i found jeepers creepers quite scary lol but thats me :p:

    lol what else would you call 'psycho'? a romantic comedy perhaps? :p:

    have to say Blair Witch Project scared me when I saw it!

    (Original post by Dr_SS_Lecter)
    Silent hill........i watched it on Saturday night and it was foggy as well! That sh*t me up and i ended up going to bed at 4am after staying awake to install (well try to install) linux! The film is very close to the game itself.
    i saw silent hill last night and thought it was great as it stayed true to the games. pyramid head guy is BRUTAL in this too!

    (Original post by mark_w)
    i saw silent hill last night and thought it was great as it stayed true to the games. pyramid head guy is BRUTAL in this too!
    Oh yeah, that guy with his oversized sword! Also the janitor guy, "Collin" who abused the burnt girl. His oversized black tongue!.

    1 - Nightmare on Elm Street

    With Freddy Krueger, bed wetting nightmares are the least of your worries.

    2 - Friday the 13th

    First the mother, then her hockey mask wearing son weilds the machete of death.

    3 - Carrie

    An amusing film based on a Stephen King novel, a telekinetic bloodbath!!!

    4 - Alien

    The ****** funny birth of the acid blooded insectoid, it bursts out of an human stomach (while they're still alive).

    5 - Cube

    A series of cube shaped room with traps triggered by a different stimulus ("I liked the acid in the face" trap).

    6 - Underworld

    An interesting take on Werewolves and Vampires.

    7 - Resident Evil

    Did badly in the cinemas, but I thought it had an interesting twist on the zombie genre (zombification via bio-tech).

    8 - Evil Dead

    Anyone who reads a book bound in human skin and inked in human blood deserves everything they get.

    9 - The Shining

    Where Jack Nicolson becomes permanently unhinged and tries to kill his family base on his hallucinations. (sounds similar to Amityville Horror).

    10 - The Exorcist

    Depends greatly on the psychological aspect, more than the violence.

    Oh yeah, that guy with his oversized sword!
    I always loved the phallic-angle of that sword in the games...I haven't seen the films yet but I imagine that point is lost in them.

    thriller maybe... :rolleyes:
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