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I still suck after learning to drive for 2 years Watch


    (Original post by dendodge)
    I started learning just after I turned 17. My mum got in touch with an instructor she knows personally, and I've been having a lesson a week since then. But I'll be turning 19 soon, and I'm still terrible at it.

    The instructor isn't a problem - he's (apparently) the best-qualified instructor in my area (which also means he's super-expensive), and has taught me everything really well. I know exactly what to do in any situation.

    But actually applying it is a different matter entirely. For the last six months, I've been spending £22/week on driving around getting told off for getting too close to parked cars, not looking both ways early enough at a junction, trying to pull out in front of another car at a roundabout, forgetting to change into first gear when I stop, etc.

    These silly little mistakes (which would actually be really terrible mistakes if my instructor weren't there to slam the brakes on) aren't going anywhere no matter how hard I try, and I'm out of ideas.

    And as soon as I make one mistake, I end up getting hung up on it and completely lose my focus, which obviously leads to a whole bunch more mistakes.

    My instructor has decided that I'm not learning anything new any more, since I know it all, so he wants to put me in for my test in the hope that it will give me something to focus on and encourage improvement (or some teacher-stuff like that that doesn't really make much sense).

    So I have however long the waiting list is (5 weeks?) to stop making these stupid mistakes. How do I do that?

    [This is longer than I intended. Sorry! TLDR: I suck, how do I stop sucking?]
    I understand what you mean, i have had over 45 hours of driving however 20 of those hours were complete rubbish where the instructor took advantage and stole my money by just making me drive and not actually teach me .

    Now im on my 26th driving lesson, i feel i can drive but when it comes to judging something im useless. I end up causing trouble for other users at times, i dont pay attention too much on road markings and signs and this had got to do a lot with my problems. I will say dont give up, when you're driving pretend your instructor isnt there and drive like you would on your own. That way you feel like YOU'RE driving rather than waiting for the instructor. I just hope i pass first time because a lot of money is being spent.
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