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Why do people care if animals go extinct? watch

  • View Poll Results: Why does it matter if a species dies out?
    It doesn't
    It only matters if the animal actually does something of value for humans
    Animals have inherent value and we should care if they die out regardless of usefulness


    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    You're aware that throughout history species have died out, yes?

    Why do you think that suddenly the Pandas will be the last straw and the entire ecosystem will collapse?

    As to the point of diversity being worth protecting simply for the sake of diversity; I don't think it is.
    Sigh, yes species have died out, although without human involvement this process takes a long time and the ecosystem slowly adapts to dwindling numbers of a certain species. When humans become the cause of the extinction and can wipe out a species within a few decades or century then you come into unknown territory.

    The role of biodiversity within an ecosystem is complex, we don't understand the role that every species might have on another species, sometimes these links are obvious as in the case of a direct relation in the food chain, other times they are more subtle and indirect.

    I never said pandas were indispensable to the ecosystem, they're probably not. However I did say that biodiversity was worth protecting because they are many things we can derive from it, even if we don't known what that is yet. Why take a risk and purposefully ignore that humans are having a negative effect on the population of pandas, that's reckless.

    As far as earth is concerned, it doesn't matter if x species dies out, the earth has been here for billions of years and will recover and thrive with life once more. We however, are very dependent on the way things currently are and we need to make efforts to maintain the current ecosystem in its current state for our own survival. We are part of the ecosystem and when a species, whose full effect on the ecosystem is unknown, dies out we could very well have our own existence threatened.

    It's like being in a cave/mine shaft and seeing that bird die.

    though at times we don't know it, animals becoming extinct may suggest/foreshadow our doom. we use their resources, and more than them. if they don't have enough, we won't have enough.

    while some say that the Giant Panda's should be allowed to die out, there are other reasons behind it - we have basically destroyed most of their habitat, so we are responsible for their extinction. Plus it's the symbol of the WWF so it going extinct wouldn't be good.

    Op confuses conservation with animal rights.
    The hunting and fishing lobby were frequently the originators of conservation but they obviously don't give much of a hoot about the rights of animals not to be killed for sport and food provided the existance of the species isn't threatened.
    Tbh I don't think the thread deserves the quality of responses it's already got. Nothing ever seems to sink in or get replied to with this chap.

    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    So... if they have the same rights humans have, you'd presumably be in support of the idea of setting up a system of justice that applies to animals; if one animal kills another animal (other than in self-defence) you'd support putting the killer in a sort of prison, then?

    If you don't support that idea, why not? If they have the same rights as humans, after all, shouldn't they be subject to the same laws as humans?

    As the person has stated below, the same right to a life..

    Stick to law, biology certainly isn't your strong point.

    (Original post by bottled)
    You can't break the circle of life!
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