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Women not given same sentence as men... anti-male legal system? [Corrupt Feminism] Watch

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    (Original post by pandabird)
    What men's rights? And how are they being 'systematically reclaimed'??

    Some men hate equality, it's obvious to see. Laws have changed but blatantly a lot of mindsets haven't.
    Well, maybe a poor choice of words, but the topic of this thread would be one way society is biased against men

    It's men's own fault, women came together to fight for more rights, men haven't yet.

    Surely you would want women to fight for equality before the law, even if it means giving up a female privilege.


    (Original post by Final Fantasy)
    Sorry my mistake, I meant feminists. Thanks for pointing it out. I really don't mean all women.

    I think it probably goes back to the point where unfortunately females are still often viewed as vulnerable and helpless etc. and feminists themselves aren't exactly helping the situation but rather confusing matters even more, because the legal system is at risk of huge backlash from modern feminism if they suddenly do a U-turn on the current situation regarding female sentencing. On the other hand, modern feminism doesn't seem to be taking this issue seriously enough for it to be challenged - and this I'd argue that from anyone else's point of view, it looks like a classic case of being biased i.e. they just don't care because it's in favour of women. Often change or reality check requires a spark that will ignite on a truly massive scale, so far it's been a lot of scattered occurrences over the past decade with not much media attention.
    Thanks, it's just a bit annoying when people believe feminists when they say they're representing all women. They're really not Anyone with a bit of sense can see their actions are sometimes excessive, which really doesn't help the stereotype of women being overly emotional!

    And yes, there are still fundamental differences in how men and women are treated. I don't think that it will change soon unfortunately - some are based on the obvious scientific differences e.g. women are more likely to raise children. The problem is when these are built into more cultural 'norms' such as the one you mentioned about women perhaps requiring protection, which in turn influences the legal system. These ideas have been around for a long time, I suppose unless something big does happen it'll take a long time to get rid of them.
    I don't think feminism is going to be much help either.

    (Original post by pandabird)
    I'd say good research usually involves looking into both sides of the argument, so I'd disagree with that.
    I'd say you don't know what counts as good research.
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