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Why is there a stigma against men not drinking in the UK? watch

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    (Original post by Bassetts)
    Why are you unable to drink? What is your problem with it? Do you want to feel morally superior to people who do drink?

    Getting smashed may not be everyone's cup of tea. But moderate drinking, like another poster said, makes things more fun and adds to the experience of socialising. I hardly ever drink these days but that's because I don't have any friends who invite me or opportunities to drink Not because I am purposefully avoiding it.
    -I'm currently unable to drink because I have ongoing severe anxiety issues which are exacerbated by most forms of drugs including sugar and alcohol, as well as sleep deprivation and stress. Plus the medication I'm on at the moment makes me a huuuge lightweight :P

    I'm looking for a good excuse to avoid having to explain this personal information to people

    -I don't have a big problem with drinking. My only problem with it is that binge-drinking is glamourised in the UK while declaring abstinence ostracises people. I am health-conscious these days so obviously don't really want to suffer all the problems associated with it

    I actually like a pint or two, and in days gone by I've loved to get smashed, but on reflection with people both on this site and close to me IRL, t's clear my anxiety problem is still quite big and I need to do everything I can to take care of myself. The long-term risk of mental health problems and impulsive reckless behaviour isn't worth the short-term high

    -Absolutely not. In fact this is one of my fears of what people will think of me when I say I don't drink. I don't want to be thought of as pretentious or a ponce for this decision
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    I'm a male undergraduate and I seldom drink. I'll have the odd vodka lemonade on a night out, but I haven't got drunk since being at university (I'm now in my final year) and it hasn't been a problem at all. People asked me and I openly told them I just didn't enjoy drinking alcohol, since then it hasn't been an issue. We still go out, they get smashed and then the next day I wake up and tell them everything they did the night before. Happy days.

    (Original post by tazarooni89)
    Him: "Anyone who doesn't drink is not a sheep"
    You: "So you're saying that anyone who does drink is a sheep?!"

    And your logic is supposed to be good, is it?

    Maybe next time it will be:
    Him: "Anyone who is not female is not Queen Elizabeth"
    You: "So you're saying all females are Queen Elizabeth?!"
    Yes because clearly your example is within context...

    Wow just wow.

    Well anyone who doesn't fit into the norm in any social aspect is likely to be questioned.

    (Original post by A5ko)
    Yes because clearly your example is within context...
    Of course my example is within context. It illustrates exactly the same logical error that you made - just more obviously. They're both examples of erroneously equating "X implies Y" and "Not X implies Not Y", which is quite a basic thing to get wrong. And then to accuse others of bad logic - well it's a little ironic.
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