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(Original post by Maid Marian)
I was on my way to the shops, and there were two student boys behind me. I passed a little old lady with her trolley (one of those things old people push around) and then three other student boys. Then I heard a sort of splat, so I turned around, and the little old lady was lying face down on the ground, having tripped on the curb. :cry:

I froze, and then just ran over and one of the boys kind of put his arms around her to lift her up. And I held her hands to help pull her up. And all the other boys were just sort of standing around. I was like, "Are you alright, are you hurt?"

She seemed okay, just a bit dazed. When she back on her feet, we all went on our way again.

I just felt completely shaken and awful and nearly crying for the rest of my walk :cry2: I should have made better sure that she was okay, and I should have offered to walk her home. I feel awful.

Just had to let that out. Sigh.
You can't cry over spilled milk. What happened has happened. I don't blame you for not thinking further as the situation was unexpected and overwhelming.
The Truth.
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lol op got banned

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