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I literally can't stop crying over a book and I don't know why? watch


    (Original post by Welsh_insomniac)
    Yeah, okay I understand what you're trying to say now. I've just been re reading it and your right, the story itself is fantastic, and maybe Tolkien got caught up in creating the world itself rather than writing excellent prose like Hemingway. Some passages are long winded and descriptive which can be laborious if you're not drawn in, but I think he was hoping to create something so much bigger than anything that could be put into one book. It's a shame that many of his works and ideas about Middle Earth are incomplete or died along with himself.

    (Edit: I'll definitely take a read of that article when I get the chance. I absolutely love literature and have taken an interest in writing. It's just a shame I only found out this passion after I left school/university. Still, learning is learning).
    Well I think the main thing is that he didn't write the tales to tell a story, he was actually a lecturer of Anglo-Saxon at a university and then created his own language. To give it a reason to exist he wrote the tales in the LOTR universe. It's also worth noting that the Two Towers and Return of the King, the most war-orientated books, wwere written after WWII. Lots of people after both wars used the form of books, poetry or plays to discuss the war indirectly.
    Oh and if you start reading TV Tropes you never really stop. Be warned.

    Wow I’m a little bit too late for this post, but what gives.
    I remember crying over a series for a week. My heart had felt so heavy, now that I think about it. I really couldn‘t do anything else rather than spending my time on Tumblr in search for fanart etc. Same goes for LotR. I‘m still a huge fan of LotR and love watching the trilogy/ rereading some parts from the book.

    It may seem absurd now, but it sure did not feel that way back then!
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