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So why we handed out ONE MILLION food parcels? Watch


    Why have we handed out one million food parcels?

    The answer is simple: this inept Tory-led government. By 2015, they'll have increased inequality, absolute poverty and relative poverty exponentially, mainly due to their changes to the tax and benefits systems. All three mainstream parties signed a pledge to 'eradicate' child poverty by 2020, but because we have the Conservatives in power, this target is not going to be met.

    Ergo, we have hundreds of thousands of children in food poverty and millions altogether. Some food banks in the areas neglected by the Conservative Party (because people don't vote for them there), such as Newcastle, have actually been having to acquire food from other food banks in other counties just to keep up with the demand.

    (Original post by arminb)
    how about not have a government at all? Anarchism sounds not too bad does it?
    Countries with the highest drug related problem (opiates) are Iran and Afghanistan. Both very poor countries. If it was wholly our own responsibility, we would have the same rates of drug Abuse in every country.It is the culture, government campaigns, legislation, welfare, access to support etc.

    You seem to be blaming everything on the individual and this is either a very stupid or an extremely weak argument. Because then you would suggest that our democracy and political system means nothing and we can make no change so better just go home. Until technology grows, we will have manual workers and people who simply cannot work due to various legitimate reasons. and we need to provide our best for them. We need to ensure that they(the needy) get paid enough to make a living and have a happy and prosperous life. What would happen if we did that? A select few will pay less visits to Harrods and eat less Caviar-as simple as that. Why can't you understand?
    Why are you putting words into my mouth?

    How the hell do you jump from me blaming drug addicts for their addiction to me blaming everything on anyone who is not well off? You are not reading what I am writing, but what you want me to be writing.

    (Original post by arminb)
    they don't. Its not like an ordinary privileged person spends all his/her money on alcohol and drugs. It is those from the deprived areas who resort to substance abuse for stress and lack of excitement in their repetitive life. Due to a feeling of being deserted by a government that doesn't represent them.
    Besides, what about their children? What have they done that makes you want more than them?
    Your attitude stinks. As a young person, do you think that, with that attitude, you will be able help other people in the near future? And be a positive member of society ?
    Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we shouldn't expect much from a system that allows hereditary seats in the house of lords. Change yourself and help others change themselves.
    Stress or lack of excitement? are you on some substance too?
    I have this attitude because if these (not all of them) people get off their arses and take responsibility for themselves and their family, they'd be in a much better place and even status.

    Why does the average person who gets up to go to work, while these idiots think the world owes it a living? why should they be treated differently because they'd rather buy cigarettes, and cans of beer and not go and find food at very reasonable prices to feed the scum they've created?

    I say if these people want to change, then I'd assist as so many others. As they do not, I feel no requirement for me to spend any time on them or neither should others.
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