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Can a naturally unattractive guy become attractive? watch


    (Original post by hotliketea)
    i literally don't get why guys think every girl is shallow

    personally , i don't even really notice if a guy is hot. i'm like oh there's a person to talk to - and if you're interesting , i'll like you. i know a lot of girls who are like this - it's about the type of guy you're dating , rather than how hot he is , because i will personally always choose the guy who will treat me right instead of the guy who looks nice but i feel like ****.

    if you don't have a good personality , do more things! spend your money on experiences - they make you interesting , and i could talk for hours to a guy who's gone out and done something with his life rather than sat in and moped about how unattractive he is. confidence is attractive , being nice is attractive , smiling... and if you're that bothered about spots , go to the doctors. they can give you cream and tablets.

    hope that helps
    I think every girl is shallow in terms of appearance. There's nothing wrong with it, though. Shallow's just a negative word...I think all guys are shallow in terms of looks/attraction too. Also, as I've said before on this thread, being hot and nice aren't mutually exclusive, I don't know why people bring up "rather nice than hot" in threads of this nature...isn't that a bit of a tangent?

    What I don't like is the myth perpetuated by people that a great personality will get you everywhere with women, on in the case of women, with men. Sexual attraction on a physical level matters...it may be to varying degrees but it does.

    I completely disagree with your entire second paragraph, I refer you to my post on page 2 as my reason. I can appreciate that you might be less shallow in terms of physical appearances than the average person, but that's really not the norm, and there's no point misguiding someone.

    Yes, most certainly.

    You can sort acne/spots/whatever out. The rest is really not that significant. If you make the best of yourself, I haven't found actually come across anyone who is actually, truly ugly.
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