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is it possible for a girl to like/fancy/love a guy... Watch


    (Original post by dire wolf)
    mhm, I've just never been in this situation before and I don't particularly like it. I'm considering just breaking it off and leaving us as friends because of it.

    but yeah, you're right: there are too many variables to know for sure, so I probably won't do anything right away.
    Why don't you let her decide if she find s you attractive or not?

    (Original post by lilypear)
    Thanks OMG but srsly mega evolution is so ugly it reminds me too much of Freisa :lol:

    I would make more videos but I have no idea what of :/
    That was only a coincidence I think, because both have white skin and purple things attached to them looool. But yeah, this new Mega Evolution of Mewtwo looks stronger, but I think they could have made Mega Mewtwo look so much cooler. The smaller one just looks like another small Psychic Pokemon like Mew, so I don't find that too intimidating to look at. And yeah, the strong version just looks like he's on steroids. I think they could have added a metal helmet on his face, make it look super frightening, like the helmet he had in the Pokemon Movie, with all those metal thingys attached to his body.

    Did you say that all the Mega Evolutions look crap? Because I think the Black Charizard looks so cool, Blastoise also looks sick, and Gyarados looks brilliant

    (Original post by PJEffect)
    *sigh* Dear Women

    You want men to like you for your personalities right? Well maybe men want the same? Maybe, just maybe, men don't want to be with shallow women just like women don't want to be with shallow men?

    Your post implies that if men aren't hot or rich then there's nothing to like about them, that's what's shallow about this

    (I'm not going after you specifically with the first part, I'm just getting what should be common knowledge out there, the second part is in reply to your comment, I hope I haven't come across as a tool lol)
    Well you wouldn't get with someone just because they have an amazing personality but you don't feel physically attracted to them in the slightest, so why should we?

    Personality is always a factor, but physical attraction is what will make them a partner rather than a best friend.

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Updated: July 2, 2014
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