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I shouldn't really be saying this but he has depression and I feel that if I did end it then he might, you know.. do something stupid. He has done before
This is a worrying train of thought. I stayed with my depressed and abusive boyfriend for so much longer than I should have because I thought that he might commit suicide if I left him, but he didn't, and I have been saddled with more issues than he was ever worth.

He sounds like an abusive person who feels entitled to you and your body. This kind of jealous behaviour only goes one way. You might say, "oh, but he'd never do that, he's so sweet" - I thought that, once, and I was raped, beaten, emotionally manipulated and kept trapped in a relationship that I barely wanted to be in in the first place.

You say you feel that you should be happy with his treatment because other women would like that he's so sweet, but that is NOT YOUR CONCERN. Do not try to make yourself like him, do not hold yourself to society's standards or try to make yourself grateful for 'affection' you don't like. Leave him - what he does afterwards is not your concern. Save yourself before it goes bad, and hope that he gets help before he finds another woman, for her sake.

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