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5'5'' 110lbs 17 year old male, lazy and generally unmotivated with low goals but I'm a little fed up of being so pathetic. Please suggest how to improve, baring in mind I don't aspire to be muscular nor would I have the dedication for it, however I am willing to put the effort in if I know exactly what to do. Many thanks.

Don't aspire to be muscular (or have the dedication) but you're willing to put the effort in if you know what to do...

Doesn't really make sense. So what is your goal then? If you know what to do, would you then aspire to be muscular? I know you said you want to resemble 'fitness' but that could mean anything really.

Anyway, just gonna reiterate what others have said. Eat more, lift heavy... You say that you've been eating enough to function properly, but you're still probably not eating enough to properly fuel your body and increase your muscle. Have you ever checked your calories? If not, you could actually be eating less than you realise. I myself need at least 2000 a day just to maintain, and I'm a 5'4 female... (I am pretty active throughout the day though for the most part.) And that's on a rest day from the gym.

It's going to take more than a few days, weeks and even months to happen... You just gotta keep at it.

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