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Was I wrong to get angry at my girlfriend? watch


    oh my god this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. do you ask her permission to go to the toilet? you have to get some self-esteem mate

    She completely overreacted and it's hard because you shouldn't have had to say sorry but now she's mad at you. If you said sorry and tried to forget about it that would probably be best for the relationship but if you're always giving in and apologising for an overreaction or something that's not your fault then eventually she will know to rely on you to just apologise and back down on everything. Try to make up without actually having to say sorry. It's seriously not worth breaking up a whole relationship just for something so small as that.

    Good luck

    (Original post by Lucarious30)
    Thanks for the advice guys, really taking it in

    Also back to the quote above, why is it bad to spend so much time together?

    I'm not complaining cause sometimes I do feel smothered but is it really that important to miss each other? Surely if you lived with someone you'd be spending all your time with them?

    May be stupid questions but I'm just interested about how these things work!

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    it's just not healthy to be together all the time, if nothing else you will become trapped in your relationship if you have nothing else and you will eventually get resentful if you give up your whole life for them... I live with my partner but I work and he is doing a phD so has a huge workload, we both have hobbies - there are some things we do together but other things we do separately (e.g. I take evening classes) and we both go and visit our families and spend time with friends (again we have some mutual friends and some separate)... while staying with family we tend to text but don't talk all the time (what's the point of going to visit if we just spend all day talking to each other)... we usually take holidays together but have been alone when an opportunity came up one of us wasn't able/didn't want to take

    you also appreciate the time you have together more if you are apart sometimes

    back to your OP - your GF sounds crazy, you really need to draw some boundaries, if I was to skype my partner I would be doing something else myself, if I needed/wanted to do something I'd just go do it
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