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Was anyone else disappointed that one of the terrorists was black? watch


    (Original post by Anonynous)
    Lol at the fact you think you are important enough to stalk.
    Lol at your naive perception of black people.

    (Original post by Ndella)
    Lol at your naive perception of black people.
    It's anecdotal. It seems you're trying so hard to mimick the white people though.
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    (Original post by Meenglishnogood)
    As I already told you ,there are plenty of white british islamic converts that have beenarressted , some of which are languishing in jail as we speak., alsothe case in australia, usa etc etc the list is endless. Even theblack bomber jemaine lindsays white birtish wife converted andescaped to yemen/somalia to assist islamists. Islamic fundamentlaismis nothing to do with ethnic minorities or race, its an ideology,that can permeate anywhere, given the required circumstances of lackof education/stake in society. Your theory on this is backward andold hat.
    No how many actual ISIS people coming from this country or France are white. Read Peter Hitchens column in the mail today or what Nigel Farage said. Islamic terrorism in Europe is often perpetrated by immigrants or the decedents of immigrants and is another example of hoe multiculturalism has failed.

    Terrorism in my opinion, in most, but not all cases has two major links in the 21st century.

    Poverty and Islam.

    Poverty unfortunately tends to breed resentment and ignorance, and makes people more open to radicalisation, throw in Islam, which you could also claim breeds ignorance, and boom (literally) you have a terrorist.

    A lot of the leaders of these groups aren't necessarily like that, but the people they groom to commit these acts often are.

    Look at the Taliban, Hamas and boko haram, these people wouldn't kill each other constantly of they had a decent amount of money or a decent job. Terrorism is often bred out of the desperation of poverty.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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