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In libraries, do they put the bible in the fiction or non-fiction section? watch


    (Original post by Simes)
    a commonly held view. The study of the evolution of the relationship between state and religion throughout history is all about that.

    I wouldn't like to say. Hopefully.

    Sort of. Every institution, over time, changes its purpose such that its goal becomes "preservation of the institution".

    When state and religion are intertwined, then yes what you say is accurate. I would give the Western Catholic Church as a classic case.

    Can I change that to "who don't believe in preservation of the institution"? Is that what you meant? Preservation of the religion they use is incidental.

    I believed in God and the church, but started to see - courtesy of the Gospels, that the church is not necessarily good. Then I realised the church is not necessary for me. Then I saw organised religion was just a tool of the state. I then rejected organised religion, and decided to rely on the words of scripture for myself, without interpretation by someone paid to be in charge.

    Me too, until they preach at me.

    No, it is not. There are many, many people who feel that way. The difficulty then is: what is true? What is morally right? What code will you live by? Who will answer those questions for you?

    If you make the tough decision, to answer them for yourself, you will have taken the hardest road of all. One requiring a lifetime of self-analysis, doubt, research, comparison, debate. And self-knowledge and fulfilment.

    Whether that road leads to God, Buddha, or something else, only you will find out. Perhaps.

    But the road is an interesting one. You will meet many strangers, and many unexpected friends, and some bandits, along the way.
    Thanks for the in depth analysis :P I've got to say I agree with you in most of them. My point though is you can't really call yourself "tolerant" or an "advocate of free speech" unless you are okay with people who completely go against your basic beliefs. I mean I thought I was tolerant until I realised that advocating gay rights or saying you're okay with religion is not what makes you tolerant but being okay with things you hate on or get butthurt when reading about makes you tolerant. I hope you understand what I'm saying. We just live in a world were we like to believe we're free but we aren't.

    (Original post by Domk096)
    It's in the best sellers....

    (Original post by Dilmurod Dilmu)
    In a modern society? It should be in the bin
    apparently that's where you grew up since you do not have even have a bit of respect for someone else's religion/belief
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?

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