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David Cameron - will his recent behaviour encourage or discourage young voters? watch

  • View Poll Results: How will the PM's lack of engagement affect young people's voting behaviour
    Young voters will take to the ballot boxes & vote to spite him
    Young voters will become even more disengaged and won't vote
    Something else (please post in the thread)


    (Original post by Folion)
    Nah, as much as I disagree with the person you've quoted too I think they have a right to post their views without them being buried under a sea of red thus lumping them in with forum rule breakers.
    Right. In my circumstances, privatising the NHS and moving towards an unregulated private insurance-based system (as the US Republicans and Libertarians are after) would almost certainly lead to my death, with life-saving insurance coverage denied by a death panel. Under a less radical implementation, it would at bare minimum involve my racking up unsustainable debt due to circumstances outside my control.

    The person quoted would nevertheless prefer that outcome (for many people in my boat) if it means they can have a bit more money in their wallet.

    I was all for the removal of neg rep due to how it was abused, however posts like the above still seem to provide a justified use of such a feature in my view.

    David Cameron is a Semite guilty of aiding White genocide.

    (Original post by Jewish.Treason)
    David Cameron is a Semite guilty of aiding White genocide.
    This is why he's running scared of the debates. He knows that when Farage hammers him over the immigration scandal he's going to be exposed as an illuminati jewish lizard.

    Okay, a sensible idea in theory for the increasing of university fees. But not everyone has the same start in life or luck as I'm assuming you have. Let me give you a true story of my friend (we met working at a 'local' - 15 miles away from where she lives - dominoes) and her younger brother.

    My best friend's ENTIRE FAMILY worked in the mining industry because that was the local job, and you would follow your ancestors into it. Then Margaret Thatcher closed the mines. When you work in coal industry and have to leave school at 16 or even earlier because your parents' jobs would not support the family alone, all the children needed to get involved, you have little education or opportunities after this point.

    She is trying to do a degree in accountancy but is struggling to afford the fees because most of her relatives are all either unemployed because THATCHER closed the mines and there are now not enough jobs in the area for all of them, while both her mother are part time workers and full time workers (a 9-5 job, like her mother stitches clothes and as well as a shift at the local Tesco, 5am-8pm, both for minimum wage pay). If you increased university fees there is no way that she would ever get into university. And currently, you have to have a degree to get into an accounting job - or for that matter most jobs - and she would end up without a sensible job and in the same position as her mother or relatives. That is NOT A CHOICE to become unemployed for anyone in this scenario, they do not have the money to get a job at all.

    Her younger brother is also critically ill with cancer and is currently in Birmingham's Children's Hospital Cancer Unit because he would be dead by now if he wasn't. But with a privatized healthcare, can you see the above mother being able to give her the medical treatment she needs to survive? At that point, do you suggest we let her die?

    Just as a point here, my friend's father is dead, so it's not like he can do much.
Do you agree with the PM's proposal to cut tuition fees for some courses?
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