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... and that was my day really. watch


    Out of bed at 9
    Toast, Toast, Tea, Toast
    Out the door at 11,
    Got to make that bus at ten past,
    Phew, made it
    Why did that guy have to sit right in front of me?
    The bus is almost empty,
    Dm, its my stop now, I need to get off.
    Holy sh** its windy,
    Need..to..get....inside....away. ..from wind.
    Ah thats better.
    20 minutes early for lecture,
    Dm, I'll take my seat early.
    Everyone arrives,
    Lecture commences,
    Blah blah blah,
    Oh look its 1pm.
    Nah, library.
    3 hours, macroeconomics,
    I can do this.
    GDP, meh.
    Walk, bus, bus, Walk
    Now for more work,
    Nah, sod that.
    Catch up on TV.
    Contemplate doing work again.
    Nah, too late,
    Back to bed then I suppose.
    And that was my day, really.

    Went to my lecture and same out feeling more confused than when I came in
    Tried to do some reading for my seminar
    Fell asleep reading it for about an hour
    Went to my French lesson
    Spent a good 3 hours talking to flatmates in the kitchen whilst making dinner
    Played some cards with them
    About to watch a film
    ...and that was my day really.

    Overslept, got dressed, had breakfast, checked emails, did some work, went out for a walk & did some shopping and posted some stuff at the post office on the way, came home and did more work, made dinner, ate dinner, did more work, watched mindless tv whilst playing mindless iPad games, came to bed to read for an hour and a half, now I'm going to sleep.. And that was my day really!
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    Welcome Squad
    Woke up at the crack of dawn, having been rudely awoken an hour before my alarm was due to go off by a screaming child who forcibly wrestled my pillow out from under my head. I brought him into bed with me in an attempt to quell his squalling, but instead of a peaceful slumber I was treated to my nose being poked, my hair being pulled, my nipples being yanked...toes in my ribs and fingers in my ears. It was most unrestful. This continued until the alarm actually did go off, at which point I was so exhausted I could barely move.

    I tried to quickly rouse the children, which resulted in me slowly rousing the children, then after all the fun and games of morning preparations I ferried the eldest three off to school. Rushing, as usual, and late, as usual.

    I returned home, fed and dressed the aforementioned squalling youngling, and packed him off to his nana's where he could disturb her for a few hours.

    My husband and I ate lunch at a Crown Carvery, and I even managed to squeeze around 300 words of writing into my notebook, which is not exactly ample but it was better than a kick in the teeth.

    After that we returned home, showered, and spent a bit of quality time together. Much needed actually as the past three weeks we've not spent a moment alone together.

    Quality time ended quickly as we rushed to school to pick up the three little darlings again. Two of which joined their youngest sibling at their nana's house, whilst the 7 year old returned home with us.

    I cooked him dinner and spent some time online. Admittedly I ought to have done more writing, but it's a well known fact that authors are horrible procrastinators.

    At six I took said child to his Holy Communion meeting at the presbytery. Unfortunately it was also a meeting for adults, and I had to participate in a ridiculous discussion about which superhero I looked up to as a child. I said Xena, and another parent, a male one, made a few comments about how he was also rather fond of Xena but for very different reasons. It was funny, although perhaps not quite appropriate for a Holy Communion meeting lol.

    Following that, the three children who were at their grandmother's house were retrieved, brought home, and bundled to bed. I concluded the day by running loads of washing in the machine and dryer, sorting out school uniforms, typing up the writing I had done earlier in my notebook, coming online a little, and falling asleep during watching an episode of Salem with my husband.

    I'm now on TSR very briefly before I head to bed...and that was my day really.

    Got letter that I owe $900 to my school-by tomorrow.
    If not, I have to drop my courses.
    So I went to my financial aid office, and they tell me
    that I basically wasted my time going to the financial aid office.
    I now want to slit my wrists.

    And that was my day really.

    Got up, went to school, skipped lunch to do homework and look back at my grades, panicked about my mock results, went back to lessons, stayed back to do an application, went up 4 flights of stairs to get to teacher, went down 4 flights of stairs, finished application form, used bus, got home, left to stroll around and find food, found nothing and went back home, surfed the net and finally, reply to this post...... That was my day really


    Sorry for the horrible grammar

    I stayed in and played Skyrim all day because the weather was awful and that was my day really

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    (Original post by Spock's Socks)
    I stayed in and played Skyrim all day because the weather was awful and that was my day really

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    Now that sounds like the best day ever! Might have to revisit Skyrim after work myself!
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