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EU President says it's time for the UK to leave the EU & rejects any treaty reform watch


    (Original post by Stalin)
    Ireland has recovered, though.

    I agree that Greece is ****ed, with Spain, Portugal and Italy on the verge for the foreseeable future.

    A country that has a population of 300,000 certainly won't derail the future of the EU.

    This depends entirely on whether or not Germany drops the euro if the EU were to 'die/disband'.
    Not where I live it hasnt. We are recovering but we still feeling the austerity measures imposed by the EU. But Ireland's government has this mentality that if Dublin is fine then the other 27 counties must be grand as well. Truth is we are not.

    True enough regarding Iceland but the idea that it no longer wants to join the great European family is telling in itself.

    (Original post by Ace123)
    EU Commission President Juncker has compared the UK-EU relationship to a doomed romance & said it is time to get a divorce and for the UK to leave the EU. He has outright rejected any treaty reform & has said the EU is not going to change crushing David Cameron's attempt at a renegotiation


    Is it time to leave?

    It's time to leave, so lets get going.

    (Original post by Blutooth)
    How can the EU be democratic when the European Commission is a permanent unelected body of 17 people appointed by national Governments, which is responsible for EU law that passes into british law. In 25 years the EU has issued 23,000 directives and regulations into UK law - a figure greater than the total number of Acts passed by Parliament in the whole of its history! There are around 650 new EU laws each year using Statutory Instruments to bypass our UK Parliament. The European parliament is directly elected, but only has the power to advise/ consult the commission- which makes it seem as though the EU is democratic.

    Eu may not be fascist but it can be disgusting. The Common Agricultural policy, which is effectively a tariff on poor starving third world farmers is absolutely abhorrent.
    The fact that we are dictated what to do: that we must open our borders to EU immigrants; that we must pay for incredibly socialist policies in France and the French 30-hour week; that we must sit down and shut up at the negotiating table rather than make our own trade-agreements is intolerant and certainly authoritarian- borderline fascist in my opinion.
    Stop living in your dream world.
    And to add, more simply put:

    If the UK is not getting enough out of the EU for what we put in, why should we feel obliged to stay? We're not abused spouses, we're more than capable of deciding what's best for our own country and if the EU does not benefit us enough than why is it wrong for us to decide against further membership.

    Only ideologues or people benefiting underhandedly and immorally from the EU would question any country's right to make simple cost/benefit decisions regarding diplomatic and economic agreements and treaties.

    Of course the whole thing is democratic: our democratically elected governments opted into it and control it.
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Updated: January 22, 2015
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