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If someone handed you a £50 note, what would be the few things you would buy with it? watch


    Your answer was really nice. I'd like to do that too but in reality I'd most likely spend it on me and myself.

    (Original post by Foo.mp3)

    Ho ho ho :teehee:
    They were selling the strawberry version of that in B&M for £14.99 recently ... so you can have 3 with that £50!

    (Original post by JD8897)
    nobody in their right mind would burn a £50 note
    My first option would be to give it to a charity, however if for some reason they don't accept it then I'd have no other option than to burn it. It's not mine to keep, spend or save, so that leaves only one option which is to burn it.

    (Original post by BitWindy)
    Do you also burn gifts you receive?
    That's different. A gift is something that someone has given to me, this £50 was handed to me. OP never stated the situation the person handing me this £50 note was in, what if they were being forced to give me this £50? Also I presumed that I don't know this person, in which case it's a gift from an unknown person which is wrong and leaves me with only one option, burn the £50 note.

    (Original post by IanDangerously)
    They were selling the strawberry version of that in B&M for £14.99 recently
    Oh aye? That's pretty awesome. Cheapest I've seen the 960g tubs is about £20 on Amazon :beard:

    ... so you can have 3 with that £50!
    ..and still have money over to buy an extra mirror with :smug:
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