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Why are girls attracted to gay boys? watch


    (Original post by pocahontas lol)
    I wouldn't have seen that post if you didn't quote it for an ego boost that you so desperately crave. I don't know why you think you are superior here when you have failed to present anything aside from digressive analogies :yawn:

    And no one is heated, OP. I'd only be heated if I hadn't ignored you and kept squabbling with you.
    Perception of ego is a very subjective thing. My perception is different to yours. There are many types of ego in my personal experience. Yours the barrier between your ideals and your reality as per Freud's structural model. Akin to young lads whom don't have luck with woman and point the finger squarely at them despite them being the common link between all the woman they have interacted with. This is bad ego. Your ego is blocking you from seeing beyond the surface level. Now clearly. I'm not heated. I'm fairly calm. I'm the song bird I just sing my song.

    Good ego an enthusiastic ego. Like a sportsman saying to himself. You're the ****ing best at this, you've got this man. Now that's good ego. My ego type.

    Digressive......nothing I have said has been digressive. However due to your ego you seem to only be able to understand what I'm saying at surface level. Other people seem to understand just fine.

    (Original post by HarryDn)
    agreed. like hipsters they are themselves
    Sort of. But the fact they are being defined as hipsters is a bit on the old wrong side.

    Society puts us in a box. Everyone knows what that box is. But as soon as you step outside the box they try to box you again. Sounds like a "hipster" thing to say ha.....

    But the reality is i guess there are true "Hipsters" whom love retro clothing, items and style then there are people whom are jumping on the bandwagon as they want to be in a box.

    So true hipsters want to jump out the box.
    90% of "hipsters" want to jump into another box and that is the box they have chosen.
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    Thread locked due to the amount of arguing and thread derailing, H&R is not a debate part of the site.
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