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Why does this forum have a disproportionately high number of ethnic minorities? watch


    (Original post by macromicro)
    I taught English in China. I also did a Chinese exchange at my university.

    The idea of "grade machines" is a serious issue currently being debated in Chinese educational policy.
    When I discussed all these stereotypes with them, many of them acknowledged that the Chinese education system emphasizes memorization but from my interactions they did not seem to be brainwashed in any way, they pretty much knew the weaknesses of their system and I wouldn't even be able to tell they were taught through rote memorization.

    (Original post by Dylann)
    Because white British students are generally less inclined to work for their education, compared to ethnic minorities who generally understand the importance of a good education. They also have more pressure from their families.

    Therefore ethnic minorities will utilise resources (such as TSR) more so than the natives.

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    Oh dear. Thats all I can say.

    Too bawse for you, sir.
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    (Original post by Ikidyounot.)
    If this is the case, it might be because the internet is more open than real life social situations, and you're seeing the contributions of people you wouldn't usually, in your daily life or in the media. Anyone can become a member and participate in the conversation on TSR despite the toxic atmosphere that sometimes exists if you aren't of a particular demographic. We all know that in real life, people self-select their social circles, or are ostracised and excluded from social circles, and so the white majority, can choose not to engage with, or simply just not come across, ethnic minorities.

    So maybe TSR, twitter, tumblr, youtube etc. are conspicuous in this way, to people not used to hearing ethnic minority voices?
    That wouldn't apply IRL to me though and I don't watch the media.

    (Original post by poohat)

    White British: 7.4%
    Indian: 13.1%
    Pakistani: 6.3%
    Bangladeshi: 4.8%
    Black Carribean: 1.6%
    Black African: 3.7%
    Chinese: 23.5%
    I wonder what the stats are for the Jewish population. Its probably over 50%!!
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