My mum is kicking me out! I'm only 16 Watch

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(Original post by Ellen_123)
I'm 14 and I kniw how you feel cause I don't get on with my mother aswell and I nearly got kicked out 4 times and it's always physically and mentally abusive but if I do get kicked out one day I'll go to my best friend's place cause her 2 little brothers live somewhere else so it's only her with her mom and I get along with her mom aswell so I woild choose her even though I known her for a year but I think I csn trust her with some of the things
Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your problems at home. However this thread is 4 years old so if you'd like some advice I recommend creating a thread of your own. You are much more likely to get helpful responses that way. I'm locking this thread to prevent it being bumped further.
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