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    (Original post by Pigster)
    In AS, you learnt the definition of a functional group...

    2.1.1 (b) interpret, and use, the terms:
    functional group as a group of atoms responsible for the characteristic reactions of a compound

    How does a methyl group give the compound its characteristic reactions? Especially one with an ester linkage and a (tertiary) alcohol? (never mind the fused rings)

    P.S. sorry for dragging the conversation back to the OP.
    Maybe he wasn't taught the proper definition or just got confused? I remember my A level chemistry teacher was quite vague and got muddled on certain topics.

    (Original post by EdmundWoodstock)
    I'm not being pernickety, spending most of your time doing chemistry is quite clearly different from spending a fraction of your time doing chemistry, what's pernickety about that? And what has "winning" got to do with anything, this isn't a competition, JMaydom is an Oxford chemistry graduate so obviously knows more chemistry than me...
    do u even chemistry m8?
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Updated: May 11, 2015


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