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Why doesn't a game like chess have the appeal of other video games? watch


    (Original post by Another)
    Well I've clearly never made it that far... I got bored way too quickly :lol:

    Even so, it's like the difference between playing ludo/monopoly with family and friends, or playing vs a computer. Sure the computer might have the best ever calculated moves, but all the joy is effectively sucked out of it. Whereas videogames are usually the same amount of enjoyment both on and offline [Unless you're a huge chess-o-phile that is.]
    It's no different to killing random NPC civilians on GTA :rofl:

    (Original post by Dima-Blackburn)
    It's no different to killing random NPC civilians on GTA :rofl:
    I'm an avid video game player, but I don't like or play GTA so... (even chess appeals to me more than that game!)

    Maybe some gamers like to do random sandbox type stuff to relax, doing activities that only require 3 brain cells before they go to bed
    Maybe some gamers like detailed strategy in animated 3D and extra cutsequences
    Maybe some gamers like to fantasise about being a superhero with a giant sword

    Games cater to many, chess caters to few.
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    (Original post by Dima-Blackburn)
    Erm no. It depends on the level of difficulty you select. At the highest setting, the bot picks the best possible moves, which often tend to be extremely random and unpredictable; even chess grandmasters struggle against bots.
    I think Nakamura found a way to abuse the bots, basically what he would do was completely lock the position in closed so that it didn't matter if the bots could calculate 10 moves ahead, the position would be dead closed so the bots would not be able to calculate anything that happens, and Nakamura would be able to beat the bots out of those positions even when he was down material. I don't think he would be willing to play those same positions against other GMs though

    (Original post by CancerousProblem)
    I try to introduce chess as a game to my friends and they are all like 'meh not my thing' or 'yeah i rather play this game' but I don't really get it. A game like chess is the pinnacle of strategic thought, it has a relatively low number of rules that you have to learn, but great depth in the actual game.

    and it feels satisfying as **** to outplay someone in a game of chess whether it's by foreseeing a grand combo that crushes your opponents defenses, or by coming up with a superior long term plan to slowly grind out a win.
    computer games are overwhelmingly for people with various challenges, be it social or intellectual. chess requires concentration and mental agility.

    Chess with friends! App!
    It's what I play! It's awesome! Can play like 40 people at once if you so wish.

    Only problem is you have a game following you all day, and waiting on your opponent but Good to pass time as well if you're travelling.

    Not good if you get drunk and notice a notification, done some terrible moves with that lol

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