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Political Correctness is a PC term for censorship watch


    (Original post by Mister Morality)
    He pondered what I'd just said, then wept. QED

    (Original post by jape)
    It is sadly a true story. I liked the kid- he reminded me of myself when I was that age: a pretentious c*nt and pseudointellectual throwing out philosophical words I found on wikipedia to sound clever. I had this drawn out debate with him on my table during some exercise in English and he started to cry, probably because he recognised the flaw in his thinking. Didn't expect the reaction I got but what can you do.

    (Original post by L'Allegro)
    It's not wrong to discerningly acknowledge aspects of British culture to be proud about, no. It is wrong to simply place British culture as monolith against the very worst aspects of Islamo-fascism, and attempt to take the moral high ground. British culture has many excellent aspects, but many flaws, too.

    I hate to be rude, but it's genuinely hard to shake the feeling that you don't have a very strong factual knowledge of what you're talking about.
    1. Labour famously introduced a 'controls on immigration' mug. It was one of their policies. How is this compatible with your contention that they were afraid to discuss immigration?

    I hate to state the obvious but you blatantly don't watch the news.


    Only the left on here could argue the point you have made.

    2. Argument from popular opinion is an intellectual fallacy. I'm not just term-dropping either: within the terms of this debate, the fact that British people feel their culture to be superior does not mean that it is.
    Sure. Whatever. PC opinion is an intellectual fallacy. Why do so many wish to move to the West if it isn't superior? To punish themselves? Indeed.

    3. Can you define precisely what the UK loses by taking in immigrants, please? What essential aspects? Then explain how valuing those factors doesn't intersect with race.
    Oh dear. You have been living in a cave if you need me to answer this. Try using google? I'm not writing you an essay.
    4. It's incredibly patronizing to make the concession that 'blacks [...] can be part of a civilized society'.
    Take it however you like. I said all groups, races, could be.
    5. Your most inexcusable factual/intellectual error is assuming that Muslim culture = Sharia law. I told you in my last post the problem with placing UK culture up against the worst aspects of Muslim culture, and you do so immediately. How many Muslims do you think advocate full, or part, Sharia?
    6. Cultures don't just exist outside geopolitical and socioeconomic trends. If Western cultures are currently more liberal and compassionate than Middle Eastern ones - a dubious assertion - it is undoubtedly linked to the West's superior socioeconomic and geopolitical positions. These are positions that have arisen through centuries of imperialism.
    The left on here come up with such gold like Labour being tough on immigration. As soon as I saw that I thought "here we go". Then you dropped the "what does the UK lose by taking in immigrants?" And it was clear you really were just a hardcore leftie. I would waste my time debating with you but the polls have pushed the left down and Corbyn will finish the job. In the real world your PC leftie claptrap doesn't wash I'm afraid.

    (Original post by Quady)
    Its a joke because people say things are due to political correctness when they aren't. People like you have made the term grow. You're the one thats saying its political correctness, you are the 'PC brigade' by defining it as such.

    Feel free to link me to where Labour has said its not politically correct to bring up immigration.
    What happened in Rotheram? That was down to not wanting to offend a group for fear of being seen as "racist". That was PC culture at its very best.

    And Labour deliberately dodging the question on immigration is well known. Read the news?

    The moral of this thread; PC culture will exist in the minds of some regardless of reality. Best ignore them; the UK public have in the election and Corbyn will finish the job. I don't have to interact with them in real life, they won't be making laws in parliament, just on TSR thank god.
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    Curious if anyone has seen the latest south park episode.

    Think it satirises Political correctness so effectively and puts across the point I'm trying to make so well, give it a watch if you haven't.
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