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Refugee Crisis watch


    (Original post by ikhan94)
    First of all as mentioned they are refugees, not migrants,
    No they are migrants.

    They are leaving countries like Turkey and Lebanon in which their life is not in danger, seeking a better future in a country of their choice.

    Most are young men whose families are left behind. Once they get citizenship they will bring this family over, quadrupuling numbers perhaps. But their families are not in danger or why would they leave them?

    (Original post by United1892)
    Then they simply wouldn't succeed in claiming asylum. Also that statement is not legally correct.
    They threw away their documents before claiming to be Syrian. It's illegal to send them back. Ask anyone who works in asylum. They're here to stay

    (Original post by ikhan94)
    First of all as mentioned they are refugees, not migrants, and second of all there's a possibility that these refugees could come to these countries and start havoc, second of all a lot of them are economic migrants who are taking advantage of the system and deserve to be kicked out to be honest, thats my opinion
    Let's use the UN's definition of refugee: "The practice of granting asylum to people fleeing persecution in foreign lands." (http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49c3646c125.html)

    By that their movement towards European lands is a choice and not an obligation. If fleeing persecution was their sole motive, they would be staying countries that are safe but not necessarily Europe (e.g. Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt).

    Unfortunately, too much of this crisis is driven by emotion and not rational thought. As Europeans, we need to stop assuming that an action is automatically 'racist' or 'bigoted' and focus more on ensuring that our countries remain economically strong. Beggars cannot help beggars.

    (Original post by chocolate hottie)
    What did you say exactly, it is hard to keep track?

    I remember you wanted two million "refugees" on top of current immigration levels, and we were discussing moving all the current inhabitants of Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield to the Isle of Wight to give them homes.

    But there are four million Syrian "refugees" expatriated, so what is two more million? We have a duty to really help, surely?

    That is about the population of Wales. Let's move them out to make way for the next batch. The Isle of Wight is probably pretty full now, with Brummies and Scousers, so the Welsh would have to go somewhere else. Anglesey? That is still Wales! Good thinking, Bill!

    Who needs Rugby (especially since the always beat us) when you can have two more million Muslims, living in the Valleys, getting on so peacefully with everybody who isn't a Muslim, or is the wrong SORT of Muslim...?
    We need at least 2 million refugees in the UK. UK is collapsing by the day due to the lack of WORK ETHIC here.
Do I go to The Streets tomorrow night?
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