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Why do women get slut shamed in the first place? watch

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    (Original post by Foo.mp3)
    Well, surprising as that is, you're entitled to your opinion, however disconnected from certain worldly realities it may be
    A women should do whatever she wants with her body and not get shamed for it.

    Not really fussed what another human being does tbh. I don't even know what slut shaming entails.

    (Original post by loveleest)
    but why? why slut shame women and not men when they are doing to exact same thing?
    you're right. I'm all for equal opportunities. shame all sluts (men and women). I want to know who is gonna be ready to spread when I want it! I don't want them ladies who need dining and wining. waste of time and money them!

    (Original post by loveleest)
    A women should do whatever she wants with her body and not get shamed for it
    Women are free to behave as they please, within the law, and shaming is often undignified, but a degree of social scrutiny/disapproval is both human nature and serves a useful psychosocial purpose

    Few women are completely psychologically unaffected by current/historic promiscuity, and few promiscuous women end up in stable, sustained relationships. With the best will in the world, even in the small minority of cases where females are not themselves directly affected by 'giving it away' frequently/easily (e.g. in terms of psychological, sexual, physical health and safety), others in society will form impressions based upon the (relatively lack of) self-regard these persons show and will tend to treat them accordingly (including males treating them as pieces of meat)

    Single mother/fatherless families already pose a major/growing social problem in the West/UK, and worsening male and female mental health, and male prostitution use, and self-harm/suicide - in a society that knows no shame these issues would only worsen

    I wrote a bit about my take on casual attitudes to sex in this thread, which you may find interesting. For me it's a complex area, not simply 'right' or 'wrong'

    wouldn't slut shaming be doing sluts a favour? free advertising if you will
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