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Do I have a bad/girly taste in music? watch


    (Original post by cole-slaw)
    except, you haven't shown that at all. I'm amazed that you think you have.

    All you've shown is that by employing hermeneutic techniques in combination with a considerable amount of external evidence, various inferences may be made about the piece, the composer and their background. Whether or not these inferences are even remotely accurate or justifiable is another matter entirely.

    But you have done nothing whatsoever to show that all music discusses, addresses or contains any deliberate messages or references to significant issues.

    Thanks for playing, but you lost this one when you got confused what it was that you were trying to demonstrate.
    Yeah, I suppose I must have misinterpreted the definition of "discuss". While I think it's valid to say that all music contains information about significant issues, I now see that this is not the same as saying that significant issues are discussed by all music.

    Anyway, to get back on track, do you think that music has to be powerful in order to be good?

    Also, consider any song that you thought was written about some significant issues but that does not make explicit reference to them (e.g. an instrumental piece). If you later found out that the song was actually produced by a monkey-on-a-typewriter type method, how would your opinion of the song chance (if at all)?

    (Original post by icantfeelmyface)
    (This isn't specific for music section please don't move it)

    I am a 15 year old guy, here are some of the songs I listen to during exercise:
    Oblivion M83
    Queen of Peace
    Up (olly murs)
    Can't Feel my Face
    Counting Stars
    Clean Bandit

    Do I have a bad/girly taste in music????

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    Nope, not at all - if you like that sort of music, then no one else should make you listen to other things you won't like.

    Quite a few of those are/were chart songs, which quite a few people (including myself) listen to. So don't worry about what other people think, it's what you think that matters. :yy:

    You have good taste.
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