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    (Original post by I love life)
    Everything wasn't fine at all. ( and I wasn't being a D*** either) I was asking if you could help me and you said yes but when I got confused ( because of my Dyspraxia which IS a learning disability) you made me feel not as clever as I am and it felt oblivious to me that you were making fun of me and trying to discriminate me. Just because I asked you to clarify what you had posted but instead of clarifying you were abusive in how you dealt with the situation
    You are right, Dyspraxia doesn't make me forget manners , this is proved from what my school teachers would say about me, that I have very nice manners and I'm a nice person to be around.
    I have been reasonable with you and stayed calm , I wasn't my nicest with you as I said, I felt discrimination from you, so I was nice to you, just not as nice as I could be
    I was still nice to you despite you swearing at multiple times and calling me bad things
    You need to have a look back through the posts I think. My last post before you started being rude was:

    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    Why do you think I said I wouldn't advise trying it mate :rofl: The fuel gauge is indeed just an estimate (the fact that fuel gauges tend to go up and down despite not having topped up is a giveaway) and there's probably plenty of juice in the tank when it says it's empty... but why even risk it and let the fuel run low, is the question. I don't even let my petrol get anywhere near being low tbh, what's not to say you're gonna need to travel somewhere in a hurry at some point and there's not a petrol station anywhere near the route you're taking, you've left yourself up slack alley a bit then.
    If you can pick out anything from the above that you feel is discriminatory or making fun of you, then you have no right to say I'm being oversensitive, quite frankly. For a start, there was not even a mention of dyspraxia at that point, so how can I discriminate? If you look back at your post before the one I've quoted as well, you came at me with a "no, you're wrong" attitude and wrote in a very abrupt manner, and with the above quote I simply laughed it off as above. I see nothing I said there that should make you feel the way you feel I was being. But then, you said:

    (Original post by I love life)
    I'm having a really hard time understanding here, and having Dyspraxia doesn't help so please be clear.

    I never said I let my fuel run low, I said when my fuel light comes on I have only used 40 litres instead of 52.3, so I'm saying if it is true that I still have 13 more liters and my gauge is wrong then I should test how many miles I can drive with fuel light on, if my tank really is 52.3 litres then I should get 130 miles driving with light on, OTHERWISE MY TANK IS NOT 52.3 LITRES !!!

    I never let my fuel run low either but I may run it into the red and test once and for all what my fuel capacity really is.
    I used to put £80 a week in petrol on my petrol car so I CAN MORE THAN AFFORD fuel thank you
    The capital letters for a start indicate aggression and writing in a style that could make someone feel like they're stupid, so you're doing the exact same thing you're accusing me of when I had done nothing but try and help you and be fairly polite from what I can see. I'm confident enough in my own intelligence to not let that affect me, but I did however think "I've only tried to help the guy and he's being a complete arse, other people have also noticed. **** him then". Two other people commented on the way you wrote and added that I was just trying to help, funny how nobody mentioned anything about my writing style too isn't it? Not. It wasn't until you started being like that with me that I retaliated. If you can't see that then I'm wasting my time here.
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