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antidepressant CITALOPRAM this **** is messed up watch

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    (Original post by bullettheory)
    Sorry I made a mistake. What I meant is that, I believe that there is a therapy for everyone and that it can definitely help people change their thought patterns, no matter how stuck they may feel. Not all are about changing thought patterns though. Like DBT is about skills, EMDR is about coping with trauma, not all are about changing thoughts but some are.

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    I see, I understand what you meant now.

    (Original post by Xenobee)
    hey anon it will take about two weeks for them to completely leave your system but if you have been taking them for longer than a week you should probably talk to your doctor, as coming off of them can seriously impact your health as they can present things like withdrawal symptoms, also remember that they can take up to a month to actually work properly and in the meantime they can actually make things worse, i was on citalopram and felt like they worked for a while before i was moved onto sertraline and im not sure how well thats going lol, but anyway about two weeks and if you have only taken them for a short amount of time then try to be patient before you give up on them, whilst medication isn't for everyone it can help short time whilst you are getting other support for things like counselling, if you ever feel suicidal and need someone to talk to call the Samaritans, they're 24hrs and unlike childline wont turn you away no matter your age
    Thanks for advice!
    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I know everybody is different physically and mentally but if I could give any one who's depressed advice it is DON'T TAKE CITALOPRAM or if you're having weird effects then get off it as soon as possible

    I was prescribed that stuff when I was 12, was on it for few years and went absolutely insane. What started off as a bit of depression turned me into an attention seeking, yet severely anxious and self-harming maniac. I went literally crazy. I was a completely different person and didn't realise it. I dropped out of school and attempted suicide so many times, and almost succeeded once. Was in hospital for a week after using the stuff to OD. Now my life is better I cannot ever believe I was like that. But I'm sure it's ****ed me up for life.

    You see, citalopram stops you thinking straight. 5 Years since I stopped taking them and I'm a shell of what I once was. My life is better and I don't suffer from depression anymore. However I can't feel anything deeply. I can't show emotion at all. I can't cry when I need to, I've cried twice maybe since I came off them. People take the piss that I always look miserable and I'm so apathetic, I'm also asexual - idk if that's related but I don't feel deeply for anymore. I'm just so desensitised.

    Seriously, don't let some doctor blindly describe that stuff for you without you taking into the side effects - which i was never told it can make you WANT to commit suicide more. I seriously don't know how that stuffs legal.
    Wow, sounds horrible! Glad you're doing better now.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    couldn't even sleep when will it wear off? i just feel insane. wheen.never again, id rather be depressed
    If you don't citalopram then please stop taking it. I have used this antidepressant and i must say it does **** up your system (especially your libdo)

    Alternatively (even though this is bad advice) you can drink alcohol moderately to eliminate the depression. I would advice vodka or whiskey to do the trick
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