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Would you snoop on your bf's/gf's phone? watch

  • View Poll Results: Would you secretly check through your bf or gf's phone?
    Yes, nothing wrong with a bit of snooping
    No, privacy is important


    I'd usually say no on this but I'm technically a hypocrite because when I was at uni, my girlfriend had been on my laptop and she went out and when I clicked on facebook it came up logged in as her. I had the temptation in front of me and could have closed it down, but I got overcome by a wave of curiosity and I am ashamed to say I spent ages having a thorough nosey through her facebook.

    There was nothing incriminating there but it did make me feel a bit unsettled if I'm honest that I saw stuff that I knew nothing about. Just innocent things. One was there were a few albums and photos on her facebook that I hadn't seen before when logged in as me, I think she had set them access to "only me". Nothing dodgy, just albums from when she was 18 and first experimenting with facebook but maybe didn't want public any more, lots of 18 year old girl selfie type shots which I'd never seen before.

    Also I read through her messages. Really bad I know but I just found the curiosity too hard to avoid. Again there was nothing bad there but I was a bit annoyed by the fact that a lot of guys that I didn't know who were from her first year halls used to message her sporadically and were always like "hey, nice to see you the other night, I have missed that smile ", "hey...we haven't met in ages which is just not acceptable? when do I get to see your gorgeous face next??" she just chatted back aimiably and said yeah lets meet in the union bar after a seminar etc so it was all legit but I felt my hackles go up at the tone of the incoming banter from the guys. There was one guy who I had never liked, who was a family friend of hers and in his 30s, obviously in love with himself with a million topless selfies and endless motivational quotes and references to the fact he owned his own successful business, who was sending her messages like "can't wait to see you at Christmas, I think you owe me a kiss under the mistletoe this year missy? you behaving? i don't believe you ".

    The other one that bothered me a bit was a guy she used to live with in first year, I'd always suspected some chemistry between them and one time she told me that she had fancied him when they lived together but because he did drugs and stuff she wouldn't have gone out with him. The two of them had really long message exchanges and talked about a lot. I didn't delve in to those as it looked like he was talking about some quite personal stuff, but I hadn't been aware quite how much the two of them were in contact.

    All in all I regretted doing it. I felt ashamed and unclean afterwards, although I never told her. Also although I didn't find anything about which I could complain or feel I'd caught her doing something sneaky, it did make me feel a bit less confident in the relationship in that I had not been aware just how much she was in contact with other guys and how it seemed like a lot of them were flirting with her and fancied her.

    I facebook stalked Mr sleazy topless selfie business owner for a few months afterwards, and got irritated about how obnoxious he was. Then one time (coinciding with a time when she'd been back home for a family wedding and probably met him) I noticed that she had removed him as a friend. I never asked what happened ha.

    I don't secretly check, I ask him if I can have a look on his phone. Every time I check or go on his phone, he's aware of it.

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    (Original post by queen-bee)
    Everyone uses WhatsApp
    I don't anymore

    It's a popular messaging app
    Won't be once consumers have cottoned on to what they're doing to their families by exposing them to this crap, and battled through the cognitive dissonance..

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