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Watch Men Learn What Feminism Means And Then Realize Something Obvious watch

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    (Original post by AlwaysWatching)
    Which is a position that is full of holes. Do you think a young working black man in Detroit USA had the same privileges as Christy Walton (Richest woman and founder of Walmart) or the Queen?

    There is no such thing as the "more" and "less" privileged sex. Not even in generic terms.
    But atleast I know that a young working black woman in Detroit USA will have even less privilege

    (Original post by AlwaysWatching)
    Which is a position that is full of holes. Do you think a young working black man in Detroit USA had the same privileges as Christy Walton (Richest woman and founder of Walmart) or the Queen?
    That just shows that there are a lots of different way in which people are unequal in society. It doesn't disprove feminism or anything.

    (Original post by Attics)
    men are not oppressed and Im not just talking about the law.
    and like I said , if they are oppressed then women are more oppressed.

    both are being discriminated against , obviously.
    so if you're really worried about the men's right , then you are , essentially a feminist because you attain gender equality by advocating for the rights of the underprivileged gender
    Yes and no. You attain gender equality by advocating for equal rights anywhere where rights are not equal. It's stupid to say that because women are underprivileged in certain areas as a result of their gender that men can't also be underprivileged as a result of their gender.

    Viewing sexism as this one way thing is stupid, because it's not in any way an accurate description of reality.

    OP is right. Quite a few of you make or support the point about men being conscripted in this country during WWI and II = male oppression, or even men being more oppressed than women. This is demonstrably false. All you need to do is engage in some critical thinking of that argument, and investigate WHY what happened did happen.

    The first point to make is women were not allowed to fight... at all. They were obviously seen as too weak and their role belonging in the home taking care of the kids. Since such an opinion was made and legislation already in place to categorically deny ANY woman the right to choose to fight for their country, all we have left (if we're not using kids, the ill, the disabled or the elderly) is healthy able-bodied men of a certain age range. Of course, it was a freaking world war back then, and men were probably shamed into taking part if they were of that age range. However, where does the conscription come from? Who enforces it? Who came up with it? That's right... other men. RICHER men. It wasn't women sat at a round table pulling Dr. Evil faces talking about their diabolical plan to send all the men off to war to die. It was richer, upper-middle class men sending (usually) young, working class men off to die. Thus, it was less of a sex issue, and more of a class issue between men. Therefore, if any men were targetted and oppressed, it was by OTHER MEN, and NOT because of their gender, but because said richer men knew they could get out of fighting the war, and instead have the poor fight for them.

    Additionally, as another poster mentioned, one does not 'disprove feminism' by confusing different types of discrimination or reasons for powerlessness/vulnerability. On the war issue, people seem to be confusing sex with class as reasons why men were sent off to die. Even though gender did come into it, it was other men of a higher class who decided women were unfit to fight and that these men must, which meant in the end, said men were unable to fight back. They were too poor to do so. That's notwithstanding the brainwashing of the time of 'a real man must fight' etc. Such a mentality does carry onto this day, but only because men are seen as far more capable than women, made evident when men laugh at other men for 'fighting like a girl' or 'throwing like a girl' or 'doing any activity 'like a girl' and thus in an inferior fashion'.

    Feminism is a toxic movement. I can't connect with such a thing that seeks to destroy me.

    Communism is about equality. Therefore, if you believe in equality, you are a communist.

    Now of course this is complete garbage. Similarly, feminism doesn't have a monopoly equal rights - I can believe in women having all the same rights as men and still not be part of the 'feminist' brigade. Also, what a movement claims to be for, and what it actually does, can often be at odds with one another. The irony is that modern feminists don't want women to be treated equally to men - they typically want all of the attention, all the rights (and more), and less of the responsibilities.

    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    Someone ran a poll yesterday. There were 3 options: I'm a feminist; I believe in EQUAL RIGHTS for men & women; and I'm a traditionalist that believe men and women have their place. The fact that several people overlooked the equal rights option and voted for feminism instead, proves beyond all doubt that feminism, for a lot of those that support it, isn't about equal rights, but about women having privileges and men being classified as lower class citizens. Equal rights I support, but as a man I obviously am against being treated as a member of a second class gender.
    Except when I say 'I am a feminist' I am saying that I believe that people of all genders should be equal. But that currently they aren't. That currently in general cis men have more power and privilege. That doesn't mean that ALL cis men have more power than ALL cis women, trans men, trans women and people who are non-binary because there are other things that affect whether a person has power and privilege within a community or society as a whole (being disabled, LGBQ+, a person of colour, poor etc.) can all affect a person's power and therefore whether they are respected, whether they get their voice heard and whether they get the same opportunities.

    And feminism isn't just about equal rights in the legal sense. It is about creating a society that everyone has the chance to use those legal rights. It is about creating a society where people's voices aren't shut down because they are from a marginalised group. It is about creating a society where people aren't pushed into (or away from) a certain career, hobby, family structure etc. due to rigid enforced gender roles. It is about saying that being a woman or feminine is not a bad thing and that it shouldn't be used to insult men. That 'man up' hurts men because it tells them they must be 'strong' and 'brave' at all times and this leads to a situation where men who are struggling with their mental health don't feel they can talk about it. It's about saying that we shouldn't say to women who want to be mothers and have a career that they can't 'have it all'. It's about not presuming that women want to be stay-at-home mothers and that men shouldn't be stay-at-home fathers if that is what they want. It is about saying that the only person who has any decision in whether to carry a foetus to term is the person who's body that foetus is in. It's about all this and more.
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    Political Ambassador
    Feminism from the start has always been the same, women wanting the good stuff that men have without any of the responsibility. Their biggest victory, the vote, was given to them without any understanding on why men were even given the right in the first place. With the vote men had the duty to fight for their own country that they played a part in voting for, yet when women were given the privilege of the vote not one of them were asked to conscript. From that moment on women had more rights than men did and not once did they protest that inequality because it meant they could still be comfortable.

    Even recently with the abortion and parental rights debate, feminists will cheer and scream like little harpies for their "right" to murder a fetus or cut the father out of their life (yet still receive payments off of him) yet should a father want to "abort" himself from parental responsibility he is an "*******" who should think about the benefit of his children.

    This totalitarian outlook that we all must be feminists is utterly ridiculous. Why any male (let alone straight-white males) would identify with a movement that has been known for calling for routine castration, the removal of already pitifully low paternal rights, the acceptance of lifestyles that basically use men as money taps and the removal of the basic family structure beggars belief. And this applies to the moderates, every 'nice' feminist is just another number that justifies these insane, Marxist ideals put forward by radicals. Could I call myself a "Moderate" Fascist and justify it's okay because I only support 'justified' racism in the name of helping society towards people that aren't like me? It's you moderates that are causing the most damage by spreading lies about the real nature of the feminist movement, in soviet Russia they called people like you "Useful Idiots".
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