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What colour is the sun? watch

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    Community Assistant
    (Original post by Kyx)
    colour can be defined as the wavelength of light an object emits or reflects
    the sun emits white light; THE SUN IS WHITE
    The sun doesn't reflect any light. the absence of light is darkness, which is black: THE SUN IS BLACK
    What colour is the sun? just for fun I am going to say black.
    Depends on perspective. Regarded as a big fire ball, the colour is multi-variant: orange as main colour with many red and black spots. As a round celestial body on a blue sky in summer, its white. In sunset time, the sun has a nice red-orange-yellow-touch. During a lunar eclipse, the sun is black for a while. As you can see, the sun has not a clear colour.
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    Welcome Squad
    (Original post by Drunk Punx)
    But what if the sun goes down and the moon comes uuuuup? :holmes:
    Where do you think we get blood and throbbing moons from?

    lol you guys, the sun isnt really there it would of run out of fuel by now if it were really burning

    It's a remarkable coincidence that we've evolved visual apparatus that has a peak sensitivity at the same wavelength as the peak emission from our source of natural light :holmes:

    I wonder if there's intelligent life evolved on a planet orbiting a red dwarf star wondering why their sunlight is so awfully red... or would they just perceive it as colourless?
Do I go to The Streets tomorrow night?
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