Why do guys say ugly/average girls look amazing?


    (Original post by XxKingSniprxX)
    I would like to shed some knowledge but it would be xp/waste as I can clearly see your all about that cellulite life!
    Does working out improve your boobs? Joining gym soon..

    Yep, because all that matters is T&A

    Girls judge other girl's appearance by a totally different set of criteria than guys do. The fact that she's in stripper shoes with great big 'strobing' white stripes over her face and tranny lashes doesn't matter to a guy when he's checking out her 36E's. Vive la difference!

    (Original post by HannaMarin)
    Does working out improve your boobs? Joining gym soon..
    Not really.

    (Original post by Rhythmical)
    What you find "ugly" or "average" is another person's "beautiful" and "stunning". Beauty is subjective, we all aren't attracted to
    the same people.


    This is exactly what i was gonna say.
    Every guy likes different types of girls.
    I'm more into the Skater Girl style or goth style personally tbh.
    So I generally find those girls more attractive.
    But others will prefer supermodels or girly girls etc...
    It's down to personal preference

    According to what i've heard from sooooo many different guys, for men a good body is more important than a nice looking face. so even a 'body like baywatch, face like crimewatch' girl will be considered super hot
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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