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UK Muslim preacher now head of Somalia Islamic State watch


    (Original post by Butternuts96)
    1. It says "apparently" she was radicalised in the mosque charity called IFE.
    2. That's false. IFE and the East London Mosque said that that was completely false and they have nothing to do with terror.
    3. I KNOW it's false because I live in that area and go to that mosque; IFE isn't part of the mosque anyways as it's in a separate building and even if it was inside the mosque, they have no proven links to terror
    4. I repeat myself, from my own eyes, that they are the opposite of supporting terrorism.
    5. No mosque in Britain is owned by extremist groups. This claim is dumb and unfounded. I can guarantee that as a fact.
    6. In fact, if betting was allowed, I would put bg money on that being untrue (because it IS untrue).

    Stop using conjecture and false claims to spread hate.
    People were saying all this about he Finsbury Park mosque. I heard people say the same stuff about the mosque in Tooting only last week even though they're renowned for that crap.

    (Original post by Luke Kostanjsek;[url="tel:64505625")
    64505625[/url]]I wasn't suggesting all mosques are hubs of extremism, you asked which mosques are centres of extremism and I gave an example of one which very possibly is. If you're asking for evidence, here are some news articles pertaining to this mosque that I found in 30 seconds after googling it:


    That's just a smattering which would indicate that there is real cause for concern about the going-ons at this mosque. I believe there was also a recent report about a group of mosques in London which have seen many of their number leave to join IS, which are being investigated, although I can't quite remember the names of the mosques in question.

    Also, please do tell me what I've said to suggest I'm an Islamophobe or hate Muslims. Please. Because I'd be interested to know what I have said that could possibly be construed as saying that I hate Muslims. I dislike Islam as a religion, but then I dislike all Abrahamic religions because they all preach things that I consider morally reprehensible. Nothing I've said remotely suggests I hold such a view towards Muslims, so stop talking such utter *******s. That's not an accusation I take kindly to, especially when it's being made groundlessly. So frankly, you can take your lefty, apologist, foaming-at-the-mouth loony complex and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I shan't be responding to any more of your comments because you quite clearly have no sense of common decency, much less how to have a reasoned debate without throwing your toys out the pram when someone disagrees with you.
    This one particular mosque has a lot of problems and has a few investigations but they have always condemned terrorism. No mosque ever supports terrorism. That was my point. None of these articles show proof that the mosque itself preaches terrorism. Stop straying from the point and feeling so self-righteous. There is no evidence that any mosque actually preaches radicalisation. These are just baseless claims hyped by the media. It's what islamophobes like yourselves WANT to believe when in actual fact it's false.

    (Original post by MildredMalone;[url="tel:64504547")
    64504547[/url]]I mean, they'd have no reason at all to lie!

    Gosh, sounds like you have no reason to lie in their defense either!

    That's a pretty big claim. No-one claimed that all mosques were involved with extremism, and unless you can prove it saying no mosques are is pretty daft.
    No love, that's not quite how it works. If someone makes a bold claim that someone is a terrorist organisation, the onus of proof is up to the claimants (you and the articles you believe). So far no mosques/organisations you have mentioned have been proven to preach radicalisation; merely conjecture on your part. Quite daft on your part, really.

    (Original post by Wissenschaft)
    Its not 24 hours interference, it would be 24 hours surveillance in extreme circumstances (e.g. you've researched "how to make bomb", "jihad music video" etc.)
    So basically what we currently have then? GCHQ snoop on everyone and those of interest are put on various watch lists and tracked.

    It is a good job there is a high level of accountability. Wouldn't if be awful if under-cover officers were deployed to activist organisations like animal-rights groups and ended up fathering the children with members of those organisation before disappearing without trace back to their old lives? But then, that could never happen right?
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