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Livingston truther - political correctness is finally eating itself hahahahaha watch


    I've still yet to hear what was so offensive?

    Any politician should know better than to criticize Israel, you won't last long.

    Even on here various topics are "disappeared".

    So you agree with what he said the nazi regime supported the jews in 1932-then killed then in the 40s .at that time jews was richest in German with all the shops. Fast forward to 21st century muslims own most cornwr shops in britian,shall we kill them? Anyone who follows labour politically will know red ken is a loose canon

    (Original post by Brillo100)
    What did Livinstone say that was bad about Jews? He literally said something about history that triggers people.

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    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    You see nothing wrong with his defence of blatant anti-senite Naz Shah or comments like "real anti-Semites don't only hate Jews in Israel, they also hate their neighbour in Golders Green."? Youre an anti-Semite if you think either of those is acceptable.

    The hitler comments is grabbing the headlines but it seems you're incapable of thinking beyond headlines. The comments about Hitler being a Zionist is not one considered anywhere near truthful by anyone with even a basic knowledge of the subject and is only seriously bought into by - coincidentally - antisemites. But let's leave that aside and agree to disagree even though you're wrong. What do you think of the comment I highlighted above regarding "real antisemites" and his defending of Naz Shah?
    So Naz Shah said that Israel should be moved to America? So what? I said it myself when I was 12 years old.

    There are a lot of problems caused by Israel ranging from Arab discontent, conflict, terrorism, wars and even knock on effects with Arab Western relations. Israel was an artificial construct started by the Rothschild family in 1917 conceptually through The Balfour Declaration. The sentiment is that since America has a huge amount of support for Israel, it would work as a home for Israel.

    Who on earth cares if someone says that? If someone has a problem saying this its not the person saying it that has the problem it's the person who has the problem saying it that is the problem.

    As for Naz Shah's apology, is a forced political apology. It's like a confession and renunciation out of the Spanish Inquisition. It's meaningless.
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