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    (Original post by ImmunetoShaming)
    Oh, jeez. Bless. You do realise the default attack of all progressives is 'uneducated'? It's almost satirical.

    As I stated in my original post, 40% of women were entitled to vote at the same time as universal suffrage was extended to all men (you know, men weren't allowed to vote back in the olden days, too )

    No, it's not struggle. There isn't a struggle. Period. You just want a struggle because it affords validity to your persecution complex and manufactures perpetual victimhood. It's part of 21st century progressivism - you can only feel righteous if you conform to groups they create on your behalf labelled 'oppressed' and 'not oppressed.' You aren't oppressed, you are unbelievably privileged.

    You clearly are still fighting, quite what against is anyone's guess.

    What, really?! Wow.

    We don't live in other countries, no-one has referred to other countries. The only reason you invoke other countries is to amass more political capital for your argument. You aren't like other women in other countries - more to the point you aren't like other women. Why? Because no two women are alike.

    There are millions of examples of people from a state education prospering in our middle-class economy.

    The only difference is I never claimed to - you did, particularly every time you use the word 'we.'

    There's a difference between voicing an opinion on a category of people and claiming to speak on behalf of a group of people.

    Who is this 'we' you keep referring to? Speak for yourself, no-one else. The letter you are looking for is 'I.'

    No, that's not where the conflict began. The conflict began the moment Blair, Schroder and Clinton masterminded Third Way politics and decided to import 4 million migrants into the UK, with the only working instructions to the resident population being 'tolerate it.'

    I didn't say you should stop talking about any of these things. I said you should stop indulging socially acceptable religions like feminism, and determining all women are somehow, or even remotely, alike through virtue of common genitalia.
    Yes 40% of women compared to all men.
    It is actually. In a world where women are catcalled on the street at the age of ten, far more likely to be raped or domestically abused, when women do jobs that are considered 'mens jobs' they have a hard time succeeding but when men do "womens jobs" they are far more likely to succeed. How can you say that there is no struggle here.
    Yes there are lots of examples, but that doesnt mean it isnt much harder for working class people. You cannot deny that rich people have access to better education, better healthcare, etc, making their lives undoubtably easier than your average working class person.
    I have never said all women agree with my opinions. I talk about things that happen to women, because they are women. When lots of women are talking about their experiences as a woman, its not unreasonable for me to suggest that these are things that women go through. If i say that women in saudi arabia arent allowed to drive thats not speaking for all women in saudi arabia its just a fact.
    When i say we i mean normal people who arent in the gouvernment. And yes, i say we because not a single one of us is to blame.
    Feminism isnt a religion, nor is it deeming that all women are the same. Feminists dont say: all women want to work when they have children, they say that all women should have the right to choose to go back to work after having kids if they want to.

    (Original post by ImmunetoShaming)
    She's clearly embroiled in people's identities to the point she has to know my identity - my nationality - before she can even speak to me.

    Her comment was the typical bigotry I'd expect of a progressive, or someone who is fundamentally incapable of addressing someone's arguments for what they are without first determining whether they can spare themselves the indignity of thinking by simply tearing them apart as a person.
    I see youve missed the point completely- i was merely stating that women did not obtain universal suffrage in 1918. Also Why are you so hell bent on nothing that you are or do being part of your identity? Why is it that you yell bigot everytime someone challenges you, by referencing a part of who they are? Yes there is more to me than being a woman, or being working class but both of those things affect my daily experiences so why should they not be relevant?

    If he doesn't become PM or someone of similar stature, it's game over for the UK.

    (Original post by sfaraj)
    lol what i meant was no doubt he will become trump 2.0
    no, I am telling you: nigel farage was a politician before trump
    so what you're saying is "trump will become nigel farage 2.0"

    (Original post by metaljoe)
    Do you think Nigel Farage should be PM? If so why and if not why not?
    Susan Evans is better than farage for a party that wants to appeal to more of the population she is more pragmatic

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    (Original post by Quantex)
    For PM? No chance.

    The guy has stood for MP on seven occasions and been rejected by the electorate on seven occasions. Even George Galloway has a better record.
    Galloway has a better record than a lot of people though, being elected i believe 5-6 times into parliament , being the head of the then scottish labour, winning in several differeny consituences etc.

    He has a way better record.
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