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How often do guys reject girls who approach them? Watch


    (Original post by theDanIdentity)
    ??? because he doesn't have the confidence to ask one out that automatically means that he is a worthless human being? are you out of your mind? now you're just insulting all the male introverts everywhere. this is ****ing ridiculous. you suck as a dating adviser.

    yet despite all ive said, there's been NOT one single quote to me to try to dissuade my feelings on the matter. what is this

    this is a ****ing sexist tradition - plain and simple. you can't be campaigning for equality in the 21st century but then be back-pedalling several millennia back; because you want to be asked out. its either equality or it isn't. this isn't how reality works. last i fcuking checked, a guys' personality vis a vis asking out, doesn't necessarily mean he'd be lacking in any other sense of his life and frankly it's absurd that you're resorting to fear tactics in order to keep yourself and those around you deluded. there are billionaires, fantastic human beings and success stories that have existed on this planet and have never had their 'abilty to not be confident' hinder them in anyway; therefore stating that doing so tarnishes what ever they have is disgusting. not all male success are happy-go-lucky extroverts with perfect command of a social venue; if they were then there'd hardly be any need for this debate. have you ever looked into these 'shy' success stories and their lives? have you ever found out how (or if) successful they are? you aren't the government. hell even they (the government) don't know how people operate or how successful they become. lastly, at some point in time all women grow up to realize that nobody owes them a damn thing in life: not those gossip magazines that 'advice you to wait' (what do they know? where has waiting ever gotten anyone aside from misconstrued oppurtunities, wasted time and regret?). what saddens me is the fact that they have to waste several years of their lives; years they'd never get back before they learn.

    'if he deosn't like you'; stupid point. 1) you don't even know if the dude likes you. you can't find that out by giving him possibly misinterpreted hints and not taking risks so that you can save your own skin. doing so WILL cost you if you fail. because like i highlighted in my last paragraph; this is your life. not someone elses. you are responsible for your successes. 2) 'won't suddenly change his mind'; what and hinting would appeal to his nature? hinting (to a guy who can't see/be aware of your existence let alone the hints) would work wonders? hinting would stop other girls from giving him attention/stop him from going after them?

    a prime example being i have quoted you twice now and in both occasions you havn't done the same. stick your head out and counter all my points and stop being a hypocrite questioning 'my cowardice' as you can't even quote me back on a damn comment ONLINE. let alone anything else. please.
    DAMN Dan!!!

    It's not that deep.

    (Original post by MevMev)
    but what if he's too shy to make the first move?
    or what if he's just **** at picking up signals that i want him to make the first move?
    do i have to make it really obvious?
    just make the move and ask him. It doesn't make him beta/alpha any of that bs
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Updated: May 9, 2016
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