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What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse Watch


    I would go straight up to sports direct and take a load of helmets, leg pads, arm pads and whatever other protective clothing I could get my hands on which would protect me from being bitten.

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    any takers?

    To not get bitten
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    Lol!!!! definitely not get bitten!!!!

    Supermarket would be madness, but I'd hope to get there early and fight my way through the crowd. Having supplies would make it a bit easier in the beginning.

    There's a tool shop down my road, would stock up on hammers, screwdrivers, chisels etc.

    Then probably head out into the countryside, fortify a house or maybe a caravan.

    Though realistically I'm going to die early on doing something stupid.

    (Original post by Drunk Punx)
    First I'd grab my big backpack and stick some tools in there:
    - Screwdrivers.
    - Claw hammer (doubles up as a very short-range weapon).
    - My professional pride would insist upon me taking a spirit level but I don't think zombies have much appreciation for level makeshift structures, so it seems kinda pointless and a waste of space.
    - My stanley knives (I have 3) and a box of spare blades. Won't be much good for weapons, but you never know. Far too short range, but I could try to slash my way to freedom after a few months when the decomposition has set in for good and the zombies structural integrity has weakened.

    Then stealth my way to my parents house (or run like a maniac, whichever seems appropriate. Are we talking shufflers or runners? Because most people would be dead at the first sight of runners, but shufflers are easy enough to avoid... just gotta shuffle faster than they do But no seriously OP, I need context).

    I'd go into the shed and grab myself some tools. And by that, I mean actual tools. So:
    - Axe (can also be used as a weapon)
    - Whetstone
    - Screws
    - Nails
    - Several lengths of rebar to use as weapons and potentially as props
    - Sledgehammer and mattock are optional; real good at bashing in undead brains, but heavy, and my bag can only carry so much. Not that they would fit in the bag anyway, but they also wouldn't fit around the straps without either seriously weighing me down or falling out occasionally. I'm fairly strong, but the last thing you want when running from a horde for several kilometres is a sledgehammer knocking against your hips and legs the entire way.
    - Maybe the turf cutting tool. About 4ft high with a half-moon blade on it, deceptively lightweight.

    - Drills, chainsaws, and angle grinders would be a big no-no; they need power. Petrol will only last so long, and the electricity will die eventually. Drills would make things easier for building fortifications, but I'll settle for screwdrivers given how little space they take up comparatively and because any shelter after the initial one would be temporary.

    Kitchen knives are out; too short range. Really I'd want a sword, but I don't have one, so the axe, turf cutting tool, and rebar will have to suffice.

    Then I'd need food. Annoyingly, I live literally a 2 minute walk from the centre of town where all the shops are, but I'd have only extremely close range weapons. Which would suit a close range environment, but I don't want to die in the cheese aisle in Sainsbury's holding a hammer. So I'd have to go to my parents house first out of necessity, then go back to town to get supplies (assuming there are any left).

    Ideally, for initial shelter, a yard would be good. Builders merchants, scrap metal, whatever. Somewhere with materials I can use for building up or strengthening any existing fortifications (those places are good because they typically have high metal fences, so the initial amount of work you'd need to do would be minimal).

    I'd also need a survival guide, because I couldn't stay in one place forever; the food will run out eventually. So a visit to a bookshop somewhere along the way would be in order.

    After that? Well, after a while you'd have to go nomad. Can't stay in one place for too long, draws too much attention. And assuming there's only me, my girlfriend, and my family around... well, the women are going to die first; my brothers' girlfriend is a total pansy, my girlfriend has asthma and struggles getting up stairs sometimes (so any running is pretty much hopeless), and my mum is getting on a bit and has a dodgy leg/spine. Whereas me and my old man do hard graft for a living, and my brother makes use of the gym. So the men of the family are more well-equipped for dealing with this, whereas the women really don't have much going for them.

    So yeah where was I? Oh yeah. Nomad. Right, so 6 will soon be whittled down to 3, and 3 people are fairly inconspicuous compared to 6. So we've got an even chance of surviving for what would be considered a reasonably long time. Maybe not Rick Grimes long, but long enough for me to have had my fun playing Left For Dead for realsies.
    dude you made my day!

    Raid the nearest audiology clinic for hearing aid equipment and batteries and the pharmacy for medication.
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