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      • I'm looking at how gender roles are used in marvel films and if their gender is really necessary to the character but I don't know what theories to use HELP!
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    (Original post by Melissa898)
    Hi there! Not sure if these will help, but here are some theories relating to gender:

    Male gaze theory - females are shown in a sexual way for a males pleasure
    Female gaze theory - males are shown in a sexual way for a females pleasure
    Perkins - the media operates on stereotypes
    Propp stock characters - Damsel in distress, male hero character
    Mcrobbie - Females are shown as strong but sexualised (eg. Lara Croft)
    Gilmore - males are the impregnator, the provider (breadwinner), the protector (hero)
    Connell - hegemonic masculinity and femininity (eg. males - strong, not emotional) (eg. females - caring, emotional) hegemonic means dominant ideology
    Myths - You can talk about gender myths in society such as women being dependent on men
    Parsons - men having the instrumental role (breadwinner) and females having the expressive role (carer role, looking after children)
    You can talk about stereotypes, archetypes
    Hyper-masculinity in the media (male archetype basically)
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Updated: June 26, 2016
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