Guys, what do you think about girls like this?

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    (Original post by Defraction)
    Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think about girls who wear so much make-up that you can literally see their spots. There are some girls in my year who have literally a patch of acne in their cheeks but they still wear make-up even though you can still see it? There is some spotty girl in my RS class who wears lots of make-up and my Ethics teacher(who loves her and despises me completely) says to her all the time how beautiful she is but this literally cringes everyone in our class. I literally can not tell if she's attractive or not because she wears so much make-up. Well she must be, if she has a boyfriend waiting for her in Pakistan...

    Sometimes I wonder to myself that people shouldn't only wear make-up and not take care of your skin as you might up looking like dead zombies like those girls.

    What do you think about girls like this? Would you date them?
    A good question. After experience being around girls who think that excess makeup is a good idea I believe that it is not about trying to look good or fake its about not being comfortable with your appearance. Acne is a struggle for many girls and guys and many believe that makeup is a quicker and more effective solution that spot creams etc. I like girls who wear makeup and others that don't. it is their choice to wear it and if it makes them happy who are we to challenge them?

    The development of spots specifically in the cheeks may be for a number of reasons e.g. food allergies, smoking, allergy to the make up ingredients. It may even be as a result of unclean brushes / unclean make up. Congested skin in the cheeks can lead to spots too.

    The problem isn't the fact that they are wearing make up - the problem is that they may not be removing properly at night. If make up is worn during the day, thorough removal at night is crucial to prevent breakouts. Spots develop when oil glands become clogged and infected. To break the cycle, you would need to use good quality products and develop a good routine. If using makeup and trying to deal with breakouts too, I would recommend the following:

    Pre-Cleanser: This is an oil based product which helps to dissolve makeup or sunscreen. Not necessary step if makeup/sunscreen not worn
    Cleanser: Should be pH balanced. Purpose is to remove dirt / debris etc. Helps unblock pores. Must be done 2x daily.
    Toner: Used to hydrate skin and remove any dirt that remains after cleansing. Toners which cause chemical exfoliation e.g. lactic acid (good for dry skins) or salicylic acid (good for oily / combination skin) helps to unclog pores
    Moisturiser: Use one that contains vitamin A as this causes exfoliation, increases cell turnover and unclogs pores. (Apply sunscreen on top whenever using vitamin A containing products)

    Make up equipment / brushes etc should also be cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial growth and subsequent development of spots on the face.


    Acne isn't caused by bad hygiene.

    Please educate yourself before making dumb judgements on other people

    (Original post by JavaScriptMaster)
    Yea, no I made the mistake too many times of hooking up with a girl covered in paint and then the next morning when it rubs off I'm like....
    Go to bed with Eve, wake up with Steve innit

    Just taking a stab in the dark here, but I'd guess that it's the judgement of people like you, who gauge the worth of a girl based on her skin or how she chooses to do her makeup, that makes her feel she needs to attempt to cover her spots in the first place. Maybe before you decide if you'd date 'girls like that' you should consider, I don't know, her personality?
    But that's none of my business.
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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