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Why the hell does no one value friendships or relationships anymore?! watch


    (Original post by JazzyFlower)
    I hope u don't mind me ranting a bit I've been soooo frustrated by this that I've had nightmares where I woke up screaming about all of the "friends" I have. WHY DOES NO ONE VALUE RELATIONSHIPS ANYMORE?! Simple question. And it is sooooo utterly DEPRESSING and makes me weep for the world. Everyone doesn't seem to give a crap about keeping up with other people and just seems to move on with life as if that person never existed. I am a very nice person. I socialise. I enjoy going out etc. But none of my friends or ANY new people I come across ever want to do anything!! I'm not even exaggerating. If I don't suggest a plan I'll never hear from them again. They r very nice people but *****y if u know what I mean. Not in a mean way but just boring as f***. Even when I suggest a plan they all crap out in the end. Then I see all the other people in my feeds with tonnes of other friends (who aren't always my friends) going out eating or days out or even holidays together. Ha!!! It'd be impossible getting my friends to go on holiday together. But everyone else seems to be doing life right. 😭😭😭😭

    Noticeably my closer friends always ignore my texts whenever I'm suggesting to do something! I literally develop high blood pressure. IGNORING TEXTS IS RUDE!! 😡😡
    I treasure friendships a lot. I am never the one to crap out of it. I'm always up for hanging out or chatting etc. I'm always though on the giving end never the receiving end and I'm so tired of it. I still wishing for a group of friends to come along who I can actually be happy with. How sad is that?

    I'm in university for Christ sake. Isn't uni suppose to be time for making life long friends and going out having fun. I'm also in London!!! London!! Of all places there could be fun stuff to do there's no excuse not to. And I'm doing medicine! One of the largest courses and supposed party animals and I feel my year as as dull as soup. I cannot get along with them. What's wrong with them or me? I'm starting to feel like this now because everyone I come across is the same: don't care for close relationships. I can't even find one. Yet some people on my FB gets like 300 likes!!! on a not so special everyday post and I am lucky to get double digits . That in a way indicates how much friends like u and keep up with u. I'm not even doing anything much differently from them but don't get nearly enou likes or acknowledgement.

    Now I have read these kinds of threads before and most likely u will give the same answer of find better friends but it begs the question of how???? Literally everywhere I turn I'm confronted by hollow f***ers who I wish I never met bc they all turn out to be just as boring and worthless building on my picture of the human race as growingly disconnected. It makes me even more depressed. I seriously can't be any nicer to people but I just can't build a connection with anyone.
    Heh, you sound like me about four years ago... when I still cared.

    I guess its not just medic students. I spent 4 years with 'friends' where we would spend loads of hours a day in the same classroom. Previous years have made such a strong bond and have a great social life. My year?! Suckers. The amount of times our plans were scrapped. And even when they weren't, hardly anyone showed up. I'm always the one initiating it, keeping in touch. eventually just stopped trying. And they have the balls to ask for my help, guess they missed the memo that friendship works both ways.
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Updated: November 12, 2016
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