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    (Original post by Nurne)
    Norwegian model would cause the GDP to decrease by 1.9% but we would still have to conform to freedom of movement of labour and still pay membership dues.

    The Canadian model would cause our GDP to decrease by 5.5% as a member of the WTO only.

    The fact is 47% of our exports go to the EU, there are no economic benefits of leaving the EU and anyone saying so is lying.

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    I'd beg to differ

    First of all it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict the economic repercussions of a brexit, as no economic models have ever been devised to predict the effects of a change of this magnitude. All these figures are extrapolations from previous theories and models.
    The advantages to leave and remain both exist, and the EU hasn't done itself any favours by hastily accepting the eastern european countries into their fold, the very countries whose presence caused this crisis (by emigrating en-mass to the UK).
    It is ultimately a difficult choice, but to claim to know the effects of a brexit with such authority is ultimately propagating falsehoods.

    And btw coming back to the main point of the thread, I think that ultimately it has come down to which side has had the better speakers instead of the better points. Remain has had highly unpopular blokes e.g Blair (and corbyn to a lesser extent - he doesn't seem to be too keen on a remain, his campaigning really halfheartedly), Brexit in contrast have had blessed campaigners and speakers like Boris, Gove (even though I don't really agree with much of his policies) and Mogg.

    (Original post by Jammy Duel)
    According to? Oh yes, the treasury of a government that will go to any lengths to try to scare us into staying

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    The International Monetary Fund, a far better source of data than Gove, Johnson or Farage. Your leaders are pathetic, you have no plan at all for what will happen after Brexit. And then complain at the fact that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has made one to cope with Brexit. You've proposed multiple models which either do not grant you the sovereignty you promised the British people or leave us in a far worse position. You create fallacies within your minds that you can spend the same £8.5 billion in multiple ways without costing the public purse. You treat EU immigrants as a scourge of this nation, despite the fact they have contributed £4.4 billion since 2016 and for a population of only 2 million I fail to see how you can blame them for every single problem the country faces, whether it be strain on public services or council housing. Vote Leave is just pathetic and should be left to the gutter along with UKIP and Britain First.
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