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    (Original post by 1jonam16)
    No one is aksing you to reply to me either. Derp.
    Well, you’re being problematic. “Derp.”

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    (Original post by 1jonam16)
    If you are a teacher fine, but i find it nonsensical to think that you'd be swearing on a student forum. Also, you don't need to brag. If you were a teacher, I'd expect you to behave better and more mature. Have a good day.
    You will forgive me if I am a little reluctant to accept maturity advice from a person who made disparaging comments to students who were clearly distressed after sitting the physics exam. They started this thread to have the comfort of knowing that others shared their view that the exam was a bit of curved ball from the usual structure and that it was seen as difficult by many students and staff. You came on and accused them of not revising and told them to stop complaining. I can only hope that should you ever find yourself in need of a little reassurance, you are offered more compassion than that which you afforded the people posting here.

    As for your comment about my bragging about my qualifications...you were the one who brought into question my professional qualification. I never raised the matter previously. A person's defence of the truth cannot in reasonable terms be construed as bragging.

    Teacher's do watch these threads in case they can offer help or assistance to students who may be struggling or simply need a little reassurance. That is what I was doing and didn't really expect to be lambasted by yourself, but accept that you have your opinion.

    I think our conversation has now reached a natural end.

    That P2 exam was disgusting by far the hardest exam in the P2 series. The layout was attrocious I didn't know what formulas to use it was a shambles.
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