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How have this year's GCSE examinations been? What was the hardest/easiest? Watch

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    Hardest: computing science, physics, geography (human)
    Easiest: geography (physical), biology, maths


    1. Teachers don't lie - revise early or you're f**ked.
    2. No seriously, revise early
    3. Lock away all electronic devices

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    Political Ambassador
    it went faster than i thought though it was one whole month i felt super exhausted by the time i got through half of it. the hardest exam was physics, i felt sick and no matter how much i revised i understood none of it. english lit was a surprise, i wrote a lot than i thought i knew :hoppy:

    Hardest: Maths FSMQ and French listening
    Easiest: I don't want to jinx it!

    My biggest mistake with revision has been leaving my revision for my last exams too late - further additional science. They seemed like they were so far in the future, so I revised for all my other exams and left revision for these until the week they happened (I made notes in Easter). Don't do that, it is really stressful! The exams go really quickly, so don't put off revision!

    I tend to leave revision until the last 2-3 months. It's my style, and for me that tactic is pretty effective. If I started revision early in January, I would probably forget most of the syllabus of subject X by today.
    My hardest exam (exaggerated superlative, none of the exams were incredibly hard ) is prooobably the English Literature Drama and Prose exam. The topics that came up weren't the ones I revised HARDCORE on.
    My Easiest exam is no doubt; the Business exam, the Questions were straight forward and even the big questions weren't much of a challenge.

    Hardest: All of the sciences
    Easiest: Maths (Calc)

    Advice for next year: Put more revision into the more important subjects like the core ones because you will need them for sixth form and don't skip intervention lessons and get a good night's sleep!!

    Advice for year tens is START REVISING EARLY. I started around January with just an hour a night after school and then gradually increased that amount of time. I find that the best revision method is to make revision cards and then PAST PAPERS. Make a timetable so that you have a proper schedule. Most people that I have spoken to have massives regreted not starting earlier. but, everyone is different, so everyone will have different ways of revising. just make sure that you find your best method early on.

    Hardest: Polish and Latin (OCR)
    Easiest: Further Maths (AQA)
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    TSR Support Team
    Clearing and Applications Advisor
    Easiest: Maths (both papers), German reading, Chemistry C123, Physics P123, Physics P456, Further Maths
    Hardest: Biology B7, Chemistry C456, English lit poetry, Geography physical

    Advice for current year 10s:
    -don't leave revision until the last minute, cramming 2 years worth of content in one night is not enjoyable in the slightest
    -make revision fun if you can - use plenty of colour, make your notes nice and pretty. Do fun topics first to ease you in and then the more boring ones later on when you're in the swing of it all
    -don't stress about your exams! Honestly they seem scary but once you've sat your first one you'll realise that they just feel like mocks and they're not so bad. After 20 of them you'll be numb anyway.
    -stay optimistic! You'll probably surprise yourself

    Hardest: I haven't found any particularly hard but I guess I hated the second RE paper
    Easiest: French reading, biology core or physical geography

    hardest : AQA history and OCR gateway additional science (first paper)
    easiest: AQA business communication systems

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    Hardest - Chemistry 456, Physics 123

    Easiest - Chemistry 123, ICT, English Language, Maths 2

    Hardest- French listening and English literature
    Easiest- Maths calculator paper 2 and French reading
    My advice is to memorise the content early (March) so you are not stressed by May and June, as I've learnt from experience that cramming too much stuff and doing an all-nighter will make you feel sick and not be able to concentrate during your exam.

    EASIEST: English Lit paper 1&2, Maths Paper 2, Biology paper 1
    HARDEST: Maths paper 1, physics paper 1.

    ADVICE: Don't bother revising super early, as it doesn't stick, honestly. When April comes, begin revising, slowly and carefully.
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