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England just 7 years apart! Islamisation of Europe at its best watch


    (Original post by XcitingStuart)
    I'm sick of correcting people on this.

    £385 million is the gross figure.
    UK rebate/correction reduces it to a net figure of £245 million.
    In 2005 Tony Blair aimed to reform CAP (the Common Agricultural Policy) in exchange for 20% of the UK rebate/correction (because other countries had issue with us having it, despite it being fair.) The UK (we) lost this 20%, and the EU never even kept its end of the bargain!
    The net figure is reduced to ~£168 million when a person considers the EU budget that is spent on us (the UK.)
    We (the UK) doesn't get to decide how the money used to reduce this figure is spent, and the money used to reduce this net figure comes with an EU label; propaganda, despite the excess of over ~£168 we pay into the EU.

    That is a weekly figure.

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    Read what I posted above. Even as a gross figure, £350 million is already higher than all the estimates I've come across from independents. £385 million is beyond any figure I've found so source?

    (Original post by ICEN_Prophet)
    My source said £248mil per week.
    Your source said £313mil per week.
    It is still a huge amount of money pumped into the EU. So what? Countries that failed e.g. Greece get in debt and try to save already overpopulated school and cities by the immigrants? Okay...
    Everyone by now should know the example of Switzerland.
    Not in the EU but still in Europe
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    It's only huge to an individual whereas in terms of government spending, that sum is a pittance. The British government spent nearly £750 billion in 2015, nearly 20% of which went on pensions. Essentially, if you use the £10 billion figure then you can save that money by reducing pensions spending by less than 7%. In my mind, that net contribution is miniscule, especially when you realise that the benefits we get economically from being in the EU dwarf that figure anyway.

    Your image about Switzerland conveniently misses out the fact that Switzerland are Schengen, their 'tailored trade deal' is actually just a series of ongoing treaty changes so that EU regulation and Swiss law don't create a mess (this also refutes the point about 0% which somebody pulled from their a*rse) and that their high wages correspond to their extremely high cost of living.
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    Bye bye European Union!
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