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Brexit's Boris Johnson booed, sworn at and blocked in the street by angry swarm Watch


    (Original post by JRKinder)
    my complaint is that the British people have been conned by the leave campaign who have not presented any factual evidence for leaving at all, and we are all going to suffer because of it.
    I voted Leave because I do not believe it's a good deal for the UK to give up actual power over areas like fisheries, agriculture and industry regulation in exchange for the "influence" of a 1/28th vote and the chance once every 14 years to be President of the Council.

    I also voted Leave because I do not think it is consistent with the UK's constitutional traditions for a technocratic body like the Commission to have enormous power over the UK's laws without being able to be voted out by British voters (or any voters, for that matter).

    What do you mean Leave "hasn't presented any factual evidence"? You seem to misunderstand the nature of this debate. It's not like Leave is a scientific proposition that can be mathematically proven; it is a value judgment where people look at all the relevant considerations of which many of the factual elements are not in dispute and, in the round, and make a decision based on their assessment. Two people could look at the same issues and set of agreed facts (like the powers of the commission) and come to different conclusions. So how are the arguments from the Leave side about democratic accountability a "lie"? The Remain side fought this just as dirty as the Leave side and part of growing up and being an adult is learning how to be a good loser and how to be respectful of other people.

    At present, Remainers seem incapable of accepting that someone could have voted Leave in good faith and as a justifiable assertion of their assessment of how the issues lay. As for the UK suffering, the Remain camps hysterics are already being debunked with the German industry peak body saying they will order the German government not to put up trade barriers and the FTSE recovering so that now it will actually have had a net gain this week.

    As a Remain supporter and a leftist, I have to agree that a lot of people who call themselves leftists or liberals at the moment are actually bordering on being fascists.

    I suppose it's simply inevitable that there will always be some people in this world who say 'Censorship is horrible; and if you disagree with me, you deserve to be locked up'. (In case you didn't realise, there's a big contradiction there)

    If we are to support democracy, we must support it always, not just when it's convenient for us. So as a leftist myself, I accept the results of the referendum and I greatly disapprove of those who are calling for the vote to be ignored. So don't lump us all in with the almost-leftist-fascists, because many of us are still quite reasonable

    (Original post by Trapz99)
    Yeah but we are a Christian nation. We have been one for a long time and we will remain one. Christianity influences our culture, our way of life and the way our society works.

    (Original post by drogon)
    Keep shaking that head. I don't care. It's the truth.
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